The Walking Dead Business Lessons - The Rock in the Road

Business Lessons from The Walking Dead

I’m like millions of Americans; I am a Walking Dead fan. It’s addictive and I will say that it’s one of the best shows at leaving you totally on a cliffhanger. You’re just absolutely compelled to watch the next one. Honestly, I’m the type that won’t be watching any television for quite a while and I’ll accumulate four or five episodes of The Walking Dead and stay up until two in the morning binge-watching it.

I was watching an episode last night, and there was a monologue with Rick Grimes. If you watch The Walking Dead, you know Rick Grimes is the leader of the group. He goes through all kinds of struggles, and right now in the series, they’re really under the thumb of this group called The Saviors who are pretty much oppressing everybody in very nasty ways.

The Rock in the Road

In this episode Rick’s doing this little bit of a monologue. He’s trying to rally the troops, he’s trying to tell them that, ‘Hey, guess what? It is time for us to rise up. It is time for us to come together and push off these oppressors, to stop this domination that they are killing us with, to stop taking from us, to stop using us and manipulating us to their will.’

There’s a lot of parallels going on with what’s happening in politics and how people feel about their careers, and all kinds of things. You can draw a lot of parallels. What’s happening right now in that show draws on a lot of different emotions for a lot of different people and what’s going on.

Rick was telling his troops a story about the rock in the road. I’ve never heard this before and I don’t know if this story was made up for the show, but when I heard this monologue I was like, ’Hell yes. That is what taking control of your life is about and success is about.’

Here’s the story… It’s set in medieval times or whatever and there’s this road and in the middle of the road is a rock. For years and years, people would hit this rock. Horses would go lame and break their legs on this rock. Carriages would hit it and break and flip over and people would be maimed and killed, catastrophes would happen, people would lose their fortunes, merchants would come in and have their wares spill out all over the road because of this stinking rock. So people just went around the rock or missed it or hit it. It caused all this havoc, this one rock in the road.

One day, a family is coming down this road and they hit the rock with their carriage.

They were brewers and they had this big keg of ale that they were taking into the town square, I assume, to sell, and it was all they had left. Their livelihood was dependent upon their ability to sell this keg. The carriage hit the rock, it fell, the keg spilled and soaked into the soil and was gone, the people riding the carriage have been killed. Except, one little girl.

So, what does she do? She, in a rage, in frustration, in sorrow starts digging at this rock. Digging at it with her hands and clawing it out from the ground. Underneath that rock she found something. It was a bag of gold that the king had left there for anyone who had the initiative to move the rock. He felt they should be rewarded.

Now Rick is rallying the troops and saying, ‘Hey, you know what? Let’s go out there and face this and remove the rock in the road that everyone is hitting and no one’s doing anything about.’

We all have rocks in our road

There’s a couple of things I picked up from that. Number one is, as a community, there’s rocks in the road that we can all influence and affect. And each and every one of us has some kind of rock in our road that we are continually hitting up against that is continually jeopardizing our results and our success. It might be a character issue, it might be a self-image issue, it might be an attitude issue, or it might be part of our thought process. But there’s something that we need to change or remove if we’re going to start getting the results we want. Yet, we keep trying to go down the road without addressing the rock.

It’s not going to be easy to dig that rock out. You might dig your hands raw getting rid of it. It’s going to be a process, but do not neglect the fact that the rock is there. Take the time, effort, energy and remove that rock and by doing so it will empower you to help others to do the same. It will empower you to help others remove the rocks in their road.

The idea of ‘self-made’ is a myth

We all have rocks in our road. And that is why, my friends, personal development is so important. That is exactly why we read, listen, and link up with coach or mentor. We need those connections because the ‘self-made’ man or woman is a myth. Everybody has somebody or a group of people, typically, that directly and/or indirectly have contributed and been part of their journey to success.

No one does it alone, no matter what they say. The idea of the lone wolf who is self-made, particularly in America, is a myth. It’s not reality, accept that and embrace it. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak. It means that you’re intelligent, that you’re willing to surround yourself and work on yourself and have those influences in your life. This helps you to remove those rocks from your road. That is the first thing I picked up on.

No one else will move your rocks but you

The other thing I thought was interesting in the story was that the king had placed gold underneath the rock and allowed all these people to continually suffer, rather than just removing the damn rock. I get it. You can look at the king as God or the universe, or whatever it is that puts those rocks in our road that we can learn to overcome. That’s one interpretation.

The other interpretation of that is, to me, the government and the authorities are not going to do a damn thing about your rocks. No matter who’s in office, no matter who you voted for, no matter what’s going on in the government… ultimately it’s not going to move your rocks.

You have to move them yourself

There’s a couple lessons there. I don’t want to get too political, but there are a lot of people right now that have this mindset that whoever is in office is responsible for changing their reality, but that’s not the case. The only thing that you have power and control over is what you’re going to do for your reality. When I watched this episode of The Walking Dead this just stuck out to me because it’s absolutely dead-on. Get the rock out of your road, number one. Quit letting it trip you up and hit it head-on and get it out of there.

Number two, by doing so it empowers you to help others. Number three, if you’re a spiritual person realize that sometimes, in my personal opinion, God puts those rocks in our road so that we can learn lessons and gain the knowledge and the wisdom to be able to be more effective in our lives. That’s the reward, that’s the king’s reward.

Finally, no one else is going to move that rock for you. The majority of people will just keep going and hitting rocks. You are the exception, so remove the rock before your carriage hits it again.

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