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Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online: A Reality Check


If you’re serious about your business, and you’re paying attention at all to the online world, at least one of these questions is (or has) probably fired off in your head:

So, what’s the best way to take my network marketing business online?

Should I bother still doing the “traditional” way of network marketing?

Do I follow what my upline is telling me and do and work my warm market, talk to people, and prospect?

Do I do all this fancy online marketing I’m hearing about?

Should I invest in internet marketing and give up on traditional network marketing?

First of all, I’m going to encourage you to definitely follow what your upline is teaching you in terms of the traditional face-to-face, prospecting, and active recruiting method of building network marketing that is zero cost to you.

Definitely learn traditional network marketing skills.

Yes, that includes talking to friends and family.  Shocker.

**Disclaimer:  Use common sense, which is unfortunately, entirely too uncommon in this industry.  Check for openness, and if they’re not open, leave them alone.  If you hunt down your friends and family, constantly bugging them about your deal like a starving dog every time you see them (or every other post you do on social media is a pitch for your stuff), I have no sympathy for you.

And, it includes cold-market prospecting.

Here’s Reason #1:  

The skills you’ll develop doing these traditional strategies are going to help you immensely in business and life, regardless of whether your business online or offline.  


Because it’s about skill with people.  And if you don’t have skill with people, you’re potential will be dramatically limited.  Period.

Later in this post, we’ll talk about Reason #2 and #3, so keep going…

In ADDITION:  It’s a good idea to learn some internet marketing.

It’s a good idea to learn how to attract people to you by putting out valuable content online, and by promoting that content through advertising.  If done correctly, you can create an additional profit center for yourself while simultaneously expanding your reach to a huge pool of qualified, ready-to-buy prospects… far beyond what you can do with traditional network marketing strategies.

This can sound so attractive, you may wonder why to bother doing any “prospecting” at all.  And, there’s plenty of people online promoting one “turn key” lead system or another for network marketers suggesting exactly that.

But, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!  Don’t abandon everything you’ve already learned about traditional network marketing.

Here’s why I say that.

Online marketing takes time and money.

That’s the reality.  It takes time and money to learn the skills, and gain some traction in online marketing.

Now we all have heard of stories of, “This guy had nothing, formed an email list or social following out of nothing, and then made an offer and made thousands of dollars.”  You’ll hear that “rags to riches” story all over the place, because that’s the hook.

And it’s not just in the internet marketing world.  You hear that story about everything….  

  • Somebody made billions in 2-years with their IPO.
  • Some 20-year old athlete just got a multi-million dollar contract.
  • Somebody in your network marketing company got in a months ago and is already rank advancing way past you.

That story is true in certain cases, but it’s the exception, not the rule.  AND… you don’t know the situation or the WORK that went in for that “miracle” to happen.

Normally, it takes time and money to build momentum and a brand online that people trust that they will buy from.  It’s not an overnight thing.

Behind closed doors, I’ve heard this truth from even the best network and internet marketers:

I’ve had the opportunity to be in private sessions and VIP meetings with some of the biggest names in the internet-world of network marketing.  Guys like Ray Higdon, Ferny Ceballos, Tyson Zahner, and many more…  and they ALL told me it took them a minimum 6-12 months, to even get to the first quality leads and sales in their online marketing efforts.

Now, with the right training, a great system, and consistent work, you can shorten the curve… significantly… to those first leads and sales.  In fact, I was generating leads and sales online within my first week.  BUT, it has taken months of consistent effort to gain real traction and consistent results.

You know… the kind of results like daily sales, and prospects reaching out to me to see what my opportunity is about, and if I’d be willing to coach them.  (<– I thought this sounded too good to be true too, but it does happen.)

Not one or the other:  Both.

So here’s Reason #2 to continue doing “old school” stuff while you’re developing the internet marketing side of your business:

Prospecting, traditional recruiting, and actually going out there and engaging and meeting people is something you can do and act on right now and gain… today.

You can go out and get it!

Reason #3:  Anybody can do it.

They may not have the skillset right out of the gate, or they may not have the personality right away, but it can be developed.  And often, developed a lot quicker and cheaper than learning internet marketing skills.

Here’s the reality:  Even if you have a bunch of resources that you can throw into advertising, and you feel you are “too cool” to go out and do the traditional network marketing and prospecting, you are going to end up recruiting a lot of people who aren’t “that cool.” You’re going to recruit people who won’t have those kinds of resources, and will already be working 50-70 hours a week and don’t have the extra money to spend on internet marketing right out of the gate. They will first need to make some money with their business that then they can reinvest in internet marketing if they choose!

Because of that, if you want to be able to lead a big team and a diverse team, and the majority of people who get into network marketing who need to make some money right away… It makes a lot of sense for you to learn those basic skills.

Whether you “like it” or not is irrelevant.

Learn the skills, execute on them and get good at it.

That way you can teach your team members who don’t have the resources right now to be able to get involved in online marketing and wait and work that 6-12 months for their momentum online to build up.

If you need to make money now and want your business to start growing now, you need to do the traditional stuff.

You need to cold market prospect, and work the warm market list.

Then, in addition to that, learn some internet marketing.  Do both.  It’s a smart move, if you want to be big player in this industry.

(The above post is loosely transcribed from this video:)

Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online – A Reality Check

5 Tips For Network Marketers About Advertising On Facebook

(…and how to stay out of the “Facebook Penalty Box”)

I had a question from Brandon the other day that I think is really going to help you guys out and I think it helped him out too with regards to Facebook ads and Facebook marketing to build your network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing business.

Brandon’s Question:

We’ve had a few accounts shut down for running ads to an MLM offer/Business op. Any suggestions as far as Facebook ads and building an MLM through Facebook ads? We we’re doing it before, generated a ton of leads and new business, but we are afraid of getting shut down again because competitors complain etc. etc. Any suggestions on this issue?

First of all, you have to understand that Facebook (and a lot of other advertising platforms) are not network marketing-friendly.  They don’t really understand what we do, and they lump us in the same category as a lot of other “scammy” operations, so you have to be very careful. In fact, they have a specific rule that says you can’t promote an MLM or “get rich quick” type of opportunity.

So how do you do it then?

How do you market your business on Facebook in a way that keeps you out of the “penalty box”?

Let me give you 5 tips that will help:

I have been running Facebook ad campaigns for a long time.  I’ve adopted these same principles, and have gotten some tremendous results advertising through Facebook, while never having an ad account shut down.

Tip #1:  Stay Away From Income Claims.  Period.

Do not even go there! Don’t touch it! That even means the pictures that you use.  Even using pictures of exotic cars, big houses, stacks of cash, or other imagery and representation of “big money” can get you in hot water.  Not to mention, it makes you look like a scammer… and unless it’s your Ferrari, you probably are.

Tip #2:  Offer REAL Value That Isn’t Directly “Pitching” Your MLM Business.

As soon as Facebook sees an MLM “pitch” in any way, you’re at risk, and at the very least, they won’t approve the advertisement.

So here’s what you do: You create a lead magnet.

Essentially, a lead magnet is value or content that might be related to network marketing, but it is not pitching a network marketing business. Maybe it’s teaching a strategy related to network marketing or maybe it could be something related to your product. This attracts people that may be open or interested, gets that lead into your wheelhouse (email list etc.), which allows you to create a conversation.  You get them on an email list or fan page, and from there, that’s where you can transition to them becoming a prospect, and you can share your product or opportunity with them.

Tip #3:  Scale!

If you are brand new to advertising on Facebook, you have to be careful how fast you throttle up your ad spend.  Start advertising slow, maybe a few dollars a day, and work up from there. For most people, this isn’t an issue because you’re starting with a small budget anyway.  However, if Facebook sees you come out of nowhere and all of the sudden you are spending, spending, spending!… If they see you turn that throttle up too much, especially if you are promoting something that borders on the edge of network marketing or MLM, Facebook might catch on to you coming out of nowhere, so be careful and scale up your advertising slowly.

Tip #4:  Natural Page Likes

This is one I learned from one of my marketing coaches.  Facebook likes to see a page that has “likes,” and posts, comments, messages, and videos that represent great engagement, outside of its advertising.  So, if you have a page that has nothing on it and very poor engagement, and you are trying to push a bunch of advertising and marketing that is somehow related to our industry, then you can expect Facebook to put up some red flags.

I recommend that you start a Likes Campaign.  How to set that up, and target the campaign to get the most likes for the least cost is for another training, but if you’re interesting in talking about how to set up something like that, contact me on social media, or through the blog here.

The point is:  You want Facebook to see you as a valued, committed, contributing member of the Facebook community.  The more that’s true, the the less likely you are to get shut down or banned if you push the envelope or you just make a mistake.

Tip #5:  Just Because “They’re” Getting Away With It Doesn’t Mean You Will

You may have seen, as I see, advertisements that break some of the rules I just shared with you. They make big income claims, or seem to directly promote a network marketing opportunity and break the principles.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind:   99% of the time, that is somebody who is well-established and who is spending a lot of money advertising. A LOT OF MONEY.

They have scaled over time and have a great following with a lot of engagement.  They may even be using an advertisement agency to help them.  Some of these agencies are really good at getting in and around the rules a bit.  Beyond that,  we all know there’s power and influence in volume.  I can only speculate as to Facebook’s policies when it comes to their major advertisers, but I suspect it doesn’t hurt to have a multi-million dollar a month agency ad spend when your ad goes through the review process. ;-)

So, don’t think just because you saw somebody put an income claim in their advertisement, for example, that you can do it, too.  Be careful.

The above post is loosely transcribed from this video:

5 Tips For Network Marketers – Advertising On Facebook

Cold Market Prospecting Vs. Passive Marketing

Understanding the difference between prospecting and marketing is essential if you’re ever going to get good at doing either.

Prospecting is you going out there trying to find somebody, you putting yourself out there, one at a time, trying to find someone interested in your product or opportunity. This is what 99% of networkers do exclusively.

Even when most network marketers THINK they’re “marketing,” they’re really still prospecting.

Marketing is building awareness while you sleep. It’s putting value out into the marketplace. It’s putting YouTube videos out, and blog posts, and periscopes, or whatever it is that you’re doing to serve people that would be interested in what you do and what you offer.

Through providing that value and having all those lines in the water attracts people who will engage with you.   They may be looking for a new company, or have never been involved in network marketing, but are just checking it out and they have come across your content that is relatable and honest.

You have to be authentic and transparent so people see that and say, ‘This is somebody I think I can see myself working with.’ ‘This is somebody who seems to know what they are doing,’ or ‘This is somebody that I think I kind of like, and maybe I should talk to them…’

…and it happens all the time.

Put up videos about specific topics —

For example, watch what I do:   YouTube videos and Facebook pages.  Currently, those are my two biggest outlets.  But you can use ANY platform… Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, Snapchat… you name it.  Study the platforms and choose the one that feels right to you, and where your idea prospect is most likely to be engaged.

Important Note:  I’m still learning every single day.

One thing with marketing is that it changes so much and so fast, that you’re always learning.  If you ever think you “have it,” you’re in trouble because the very next week your strategy may need to adjust.

However, there’s one cardinal rule that stays consistent:  VALUE.

Tell your story.

Share your message (not your pitch).

Share what you’re learning.

Share your wins.

And yes, share when you’ve FAILED.  That’s part of your story too.

Network Marketing Training: Active Prospecting Vs Passive Marketing


Cold Market Prospecting or Attraction Marketing: Skills You’ll Need Either Way

One of the first things you’ll probably find when seeking out network marketing training is the concept of attraction marketing.  At first, it might seem to you that learning this kind of marketing is going to make your business run on “auto-pilot,” and you’ll be able to build your business without having to do cold market prospecting… ever.

Like this guy… just strap a rocket onto your butt and all will be well… ;-)

attraction marketing

Of course, that’s nonsense.

One of the biggest attraction marketing secrets:  You still need to develop skill with people.

If you haven’t seen my post about the differences between cold market prospecting and online marketing, I’d recommend you check that out now.

Once you have that basic understanding, the next thing you’ll want to wrap your head around is that attraction marketing only works if you’re attractive to others, meaning that you have something of value to offer in the form of knowledge, information, experience… and, perhaps most importantly… a compelling delivery of that information that relates to your audience.

The brutal truth (bad news) is:  If you suck offline, you’re probably going to suck online too.

Network Marketing is a people business, period.  Develop the skills!

The good news is:  Getting attraction marketing training and implementing the strategies will help you develop a strong, confident, entertaining delivery of your message.

And that’s the #1 skill set you need if you want to attract people to your opportunity.  You’ll find yourself cold market prospecting whether you realize it or not… You won’t be able to help it!  Because if you can attract people to you online, you can do it offline.

Either way, the base principles of attraction are the same.

Learn them, practice them, commit to getting better.  Then go forth, and be awesome.

Cold Market Prospecting or Attraction Marketing: Skills You Need To Do Either

Network Marketing Prospecting Vs. Internet Marketing

What’s the Difference?

network marketing prospecting

Let me start by saying, the purpose of this article isn’t to make any judgements of which is better:  cold market prospecting or online marketing.  That’s a whole different conversation for a different day.  Rather, I want to help you understand the difference between network marketing prospecting and marketing.

Many people doing network marketing prospecting seem to think that if they’re on the internet, they’re marketing their business, when, in fact, they’re actually still prospecting.

Check out the short video below where I’ll explain the difference, and how you can determine the best network marketing recruiting approach for you.

Here’s a few articles on both prospecting and marketing that might help you:

Network Marketing Prospecting & Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips for Today’s Market

Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Tips for Beginners

The Best Internet Recruiting Strategies

Prospecting vs. Marketing: What's the Difference?

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Internet Recruiting Strategies That WORK

I just wrapped up a conference where today’s top marketers were sharing their best internet recruiting strategies that are working right now in their businesses.  We also discussed internet marketing trends for the foreseeable future…

The bottom line:  It’s all about content and value.

Gone are the days of when the best internet marketing companies could just write a good headline, demand and email address, and gain access to leads and customers.  If you’re new to the internet marketing world and not sure what I mean, here’s an example:

internet recruiting strategies

This is a classic capture page.  And, believe it or not, for years this was all you needed to grab leads, drive them into a well-written sales funnel, and make money online.

But this internet recruiting strategy is dying.  Fast.

People expect more.  They demand more.  And those who can deliver compelling content that truly is of value to them will win.  

Every time.

Check out the video below, and if this has helped you, please feel free to share and comment.

The Best Internet Marketing Strategies for 2015

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