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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

With all intent and purposes, you can know all you need to know to run a successful business and still fail miserably.

I can teach you everything you need to know to run a successful business, how to prospect and how to close etc. all day long.  However, if you have issues in your personal life it will affect your business ten-fold.

Why is this?

I see this every day, there are people that continually fail and are beaten up by life in several ways.

If you have stuff going on in your life, in whatever way you need to look at you.

Are you lying to yourself?

Are you lying to your business partner?

Are you lying to your colleagues?

Are you lying to your clients?

Are you lying to your loved ones?

Are you lying to the world?

That weighs you down. Even by omitting the truth you are still lying. I am a big believer that what you feel internally will reflect in your everyday life.

There is a simple way you can start to make progress and deal with deep rooted issues that you are burying deep deep down.


Stop lying about how you feel.

Stop lying about how successful you really are.

Stop pretending to be confident.

Stop ignoring relationship problems.

By painting a picture to the outside world you are ignoring the real issues and challenges you are facing.

In order to address the deep rooted issues, challenges and mindset battles you need tell the truth.

Your marriage doesn’t break down overnight

You dont get serious health issues overnight

You don’t lose your job overnight

Now I get that there are some exceptions to the above, but for the most part, you knew deep down that you were not addressing problems which needed dealing with.

Your mindset is a lot stronger than you think.

I want to discuss how harboring these negative feelings will fester and cultivate creating negative in your life.

Stress is a major factor is our lives and I don’t want this to manifest in your life causing bigger lifelong issues.

Want to learn more about your mindset and how bad things that happen to good people can be avoided and overcome.

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Why Your Struggle Is Normal

Why Your Struggle is Normal Part 2

Put the work in to get stronger

When I first started lifting weight, I didn’t realize how much weight I could lift. I started with 135 pounds. I didn’t know how I was going to lift all that weight, but I kept at it and didn’t give up. The more you believe that you can, the more likely you are to succeed.

The more I kept at it, the easier it got. The easier it got the more weight I lifted because mentally I got used to. You could apply this strategy to your business plan.

Challenge yourself

If you continue to put the effort in you will see dramatic results. Getting stronger with every step you take. Always look for the parallels in life. Everything you do in life, if you approach it in a positive way, can be productive.

Challenge yourself to do that, look for parallels, because the way you always do one thing, is the way you do everything.

Look for a win every day

If you are struggling and feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, step back, find something else to do that will give you that all important win and give you the mindset to go back to the problem and face it head on.

Sometimes I do something physical that helps me mentally, it may not work for everyone, you have to find what works for you.

Don’t give up, or use this as a distraction, hold yourself accountable. That win stacks up to carry over into other things in life.

Create your own win to carry over

Do something easier to get the win, to get the mindset to do things that are harder.

Life is sometimes hard, we all have hobbies, kids, relationships, and family that all want a piece of us, find the balance but doesn’t make it a distraction from your goal.

Take away lessons from the Video:

  • We all have our goals in our business, don’t give up, no matter how hard it is
  • Keep challenging yourself or you will stand still and stagnate
  • Hold yourself accountable to work through your problems
  • Find the right balance in life and the right mindset.

If you are struggling right now in your business, check out the video below and I will give you some advice on how to deal with it.

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Why Your Struggle is Totally Normal

Why Your Struggle Is Totally Normal Part 1

There are many lessons that can be taken from every struggle, whether it be mental or physical.

I recently did a ‘Go Ruck’ challenge with little or no training, it’s basically a military style endurance training with a backpack on full of weight.

It was led by the Special Forces and you get to be around like minded people that want to challenge themselves.

There was a real community vibe with over 90 participants in total and I built some great relationships during the hike.

Ever heard the saying ‘Failure to prepare, prepare to fail’ in many cases this is true, however I had done little training which would have prepared me for this event. Yes, I walk often and even carry a backpack, but I do not carry up to 50lbs and go at this pace either.

As I looked around me I could see others barely breaking a sweat and not needing to take a break often. Then I realised, I cannot compare myself to them, it would be wrong to turn up with little preparation and be able to be as good as the people that have been doing it a lot longer.

Comparison is the thief of joy

We should not compare ourselves to others for the pure reason that we do not know where they are in their journey and what struggles they have already endured.

It’s the same in business, you may see big names in our Industry and compare yourself, however you are doing yourself a disservice as these have been at it for years now and have made the mistakes to learn from.

There are no such things as mistakes, only lessons

The good thing about having people you admire is to learn from their mistakes. I will tell you it was a mistake to turn up unprepared for this event, however I have the work ethic to back it up.

I don’t give up, ever!

If you stop it is hard to get going again

I didn’t once put down my rucksack and that is why I was able to keep going. By taking a minute and resting rather than stopping altogether I was able to keep going. Even if I was slower than others. The fact that I am showing up and doing the work here is key.

I spoke to a couple of the Special Forces guys and asked them ‘So when does it get easier?’ I was shocked by his reply.


It never gets easier you just get used to it

Think about it when you do something in your business which you are not looking forward to. Let’s say going live on Facebook for an example. The act doesn’t change at all, it has the same process each time you hit that broadcast button. The difference is with consistent practice you get used to it. *Mind Blown

Take away lessons from the video:

  • We all have our struggles and they are not to be compared with others’
  • The struggles you have are 100% normal and you will get used to it
  • You can do anything if you have the right attitude
  • There is a lesson in every activity and this one had a few
  • Consistent effort no matter how small will get you to where you need to be
  • Never give up – ever!

If you are struggling right now in your business, check out the video below and I will give you some advice on how to deal with it.

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Solve Your Problems

How to Solve all Your Problems

We all have problems right? I did a gig last night it was very cool. I was reminded once again of something which is extremely important to you guys and the vast majority of people that are business Owners, Network marketers, everyone, myself included.

The source of most of your problems is 6 inches between your ears! I read a book recently and I must let you all know about it. It’s called

I read a book recently and I must let you all know about it. It’s called As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. I highly recommend that you all read it. It’s been around a long time so comes in various different versions. I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone where to purchase the book, but just in case …..AMAZON!

The book is short sweet and simple, ever notice that people with problems seem to gather more problems, (hence the saying “it never rains but it pours”) Read the book and it will all be explained.

Focus on the Positive

Whatever you focus on in your thoughts, you will attract more of. If you are doing a presentation and are focusing on a lack of results, you will attract more lack of results. If your belief is low and your doubt is up, people will pick up on that and sense a lack of confidence, which is not what you want to portray.

Don’t get stuck in a Rut

Read the above short sweet and to the point book and change your mindset. Mindset is the number one thing that can keep you stuck in your tracks or moving forward and getting the results you want from your business.

I know it’s not easy, but if you read the book it could change your life.

Surely it’s worth trying, what have you got to lose? It may just solve all your problems so if the points above have spiked your interest watch the video below.

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Hardest part about change

The Hardest Part about Making Changes

So I’m tattling on myself a little bit.

I’m going to give you some tips that I think are going to help you out.

There’s a lesson in this for you.

The hardest part about making changes, of getting results, of improving or changing the results you’re getting in your business and starting to get in the direction that you want to get on, the hardest part for us is simply the fact that everything comes down to what we do.

Everything comes down to what we do on a daily basis, our actions, which means our habits. The hardest part is developing the right consistent habits of action.

I am super guilty of this

It’s not easy for me either to this, and I’ve gone through the process several times where it’s like, “Okay, I know what I need to do. I know what my action steps need to be to make the changes I want to make in my life, in my business, in anything, and it’s creating new daily habits and being consistent with it.” Everybody can get excited about.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

If it’s building your business, it might be making a couple new contacts each day or it might be working on getting to your events or whatever the case is, showing presentations, whatever habit you need to get into. It might be making daily videos, which has been a difficult one for me to get in the habit of.

Consistency breeds habit

I’m going to tell on myself with this one.

I’m either doing a video or I’m not.

Being consistent in my videos has been difficult for me, but I know it helps you.

I know it does a lot of good things for my business. I need to pull forward here. Bear with me.

It is what it is. You have to recognize it and fix it.

Here’s what happened. I started getting pretty consistent with my videos. I went to Hawaii, went on vacation, got a little less consistent, got back, and I was out of the habit, so you haven’t seen me very much, have you?

This is what happens to everybody

If you join a gym, it’s the same deal. I talk about this kind of analogy all the time.

Fitness, it’s probably one of the best analogies that most people can understand and relate to. Success in your fitness is no different than success in your business. What most people do is they get all excited and they’re going to make changes in their health and in their physique, and they’re going to start going to the gym.

They maybe go for the first day, and they really do great. They go for the second day, and they push it pretty good. They go for the third day. Now they’re hurting, so they’re maybe not pushing quite as hard. Then the fourth day, if they’re there by the end of the week, they’ve done five, six days straight, they’ve done more than 90% of people will do.

Most people are finding an excuse or a reason or something comes up.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency…

I want you to understand something.

It’s not that you’re bad.

It’s not that you’re a bad person. It’s not that you’re a loser or anything like that because you struggle to keep the progression going.

I struggle with it, too. It’s just our nature because what happens is we get into patterns of activity, of the way we do things in what we do, and when we want to make a change, we’re fighting against that pattern.

The first couple days when we’re personally motivated from within, it’s easier, but then as you move, as you get further down the process until you’ve done it consistently. Whatever the that activity needs to be to make the change you want to make, talk to a coach and find out what that next step is for you because it’s not the same for everybody. Find out what the next step is for you that you need to make a daily habit or a consistent new activity that you’re doing or more of what you’re doing, in most cases.

For most people, it’s not that you’ve never done the things that you need to do to succeed.

You just haven’t done enough of it consistently enough over time

That’s the big secret.

For most of you, you’ve probably done at some point most, if not every, step at least once that it takes to succeed in your business.

The only difference between you and those who are killing it, is that they do it more and they do it more consistently and they do it whether or not they feel like it. Developing that habit is not always easy. We fall back into our own patterns.

Keep to a routine

I went on vacation to Hawaii, which changed my normal routine because I was out there in Hawaii enjoying the time with my family, which I’m very glad to be able to do, but it changed my normal routine and it let me fall out of a new activity that I was doing more consistently, which was shooting video for you guys.

I was shooting a new video pretty much every other day, you had a video from me going for a couple solid, two, three weeks.

I went there and I let that disrupt my pattern.

I got back, and guess what? I was out of doing it every couple days.

Next thing you know, a couple weeks goes by and you’re like, “Oh, crap. I haven’t been doing what I’m supposed to do.”

This is normal.

You’re not a loser if that happens to you

Realize that, but what you need to do is you need to be able to acknowledge it.

The best way to be able to stay on top of those things is to have a coach, a running mate, a partner that you’re working with that is keeping you accountable, not in a, “I‘m the principal. I’m the school teacher. I’m going to rap Johnny on his knuckles if he doesn’t do his homework,” kind of way, but in a vested interest, we’re doing this together kind of way where you’re counting on each other.

When you have that kind of a relationship going on, you don’t want to drop the ball for that person because they’re working for you, too.

They’re working for your benefit, too. That is the best kind of mentorship relationship to help you in your business.

Get your groove back

A couple keys, figure out what your next daily consistent activity needs to be.

Talk to a coach.

Find out what that is.

Develop that relationship with that coach, and do it.

Do them one at a time.

Another tip here for you guys is that a lot of times what we tend to do is we get all fired up about improving our lives and improving our finances and improving our fitness and improving our relationships and all these things.

It comes to a head because you’re fed up, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we get all jacked up, and then we try to do everything all at once. We start going to the gym. We start making contacts for our business and showing presentations.

We start trying to fit date night in there so we can improve our relationship with our spouse.

You have all these different things. We’re trying to do them all at the same time.

We start trying to get our reading in every single day.

We start trying to make our phone calls every day.

We start trying to listen to an audio every single day, following podcasts, watching videos, getting in training.

We’re trying to do everything all at once.

What happens is you burn yourself out because you’re coming up against that resistance of your normal patterns. I would encourage you or recommend to you, pick one area of activity and improvement at a time.

One at a time.

Focus on that until it becomes a consistent habit that you don’t even have to think about it, and then add another and then add another and then add another and build on it.

You’ll get way more results over a shorter period of time. It might sound counterintuitive.

Won’t I try to get more results if I try to do it all at once? No.

You won’t because you’ll burn yourself out and you won’t be consistent with any of those activities long enough for them to produce a result.

Pick one.

Master it.

Pick another one.

Master it.

Pick another one.

Make it part of your life.

That’s how you change your life around. Typically, it’s a 6-12 month process. You’re not going to change your whole life around in 30 days. It’s not going to happen. You can change pieces of your life, areas of your life.

You build a confidence because of that change that you made. That gives you the confidence to change another area, and you build on that over time. Overnight successes happen through hard work over time when no one’s noticing.

I hope these few tips helps you out. It helped me out to get it off my chest. I felt bad. I was like, “You know, I have not been serving these guys the way I should and the way I want to, and I got to get back in the habit of it.”

Three fingers pointing back.

I’m guilty.

Let’s do this together.

Let’s get consistent

What’s the one activity that you know you need to do that you’ve been putting off, that you haven’t, that you’ve been afraid of or that you just haven’t been consistent with?

What’s the number one activity, the one thing that you’re going to focus on being consistent with over the next 30 days?

What is the one thing you’re going to focus on making a habit of, a consistent activity?

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Idea of Success Vs. Reality of Success

Idea of Success Vs. Reality of Success

There’s a big difference between loving the idea of success and understanding and loving what it actually takes to get it.

There is so much to discuss about being an entrepreneur, being a business owner and about being successful.

All this information is all over the Internet.

You’re following it.

You follow all the gurus.

You follow all these guys.

You’re listening to podcasts.

I do the same thing to a certain extent.

At some point, we have to get out of the mode of just loving the idea of being successful and understanding and falling in love with the idea of doing the work to be successful.

I‘ve talked about this before.

Successful people love the battle.

We fall in love with the work.

We fall in love with the war.

We fall in love with the struggle.

We fall in love with the fight.


It makes the victory that much better.

It’s so easy to be in love with the idea of becoming successful.

It’s so easy to sit around and dream about it’ll be great when we have all this stuff,when we’re able to do all these things.

It will be.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not picking on dreaming. I’m not picking on setting goals and having a vision for where you want to do.

Don’t misunderstand me. There’s a big difference between dreaming about your success and being in love with that idealistic picture that you’re creating in your head and being willing to do what it takes to get there.

I’ve spent a lot of years dreaming about what it would be like to be successful, dreaming about what it would be like to have and do the things I’ve wanted to do for myself, for my family, for those around me, to enrich my life and those that I cared about.

Now I’m starting to enter into an era where I’m thinking much beyond that. There’s a book called The Third Circle Theory by Pejman Ghadimi (PJ) he runs the Secret Entourage.

It’s a very interesting book, it talks about different circles or processes we go through in life our journey of success and becoming more and more influential.

I’m starting to understand some of that stuff. It’s pretty deep. I’ve got to give PJ some credit. The guy is very intelligent.

What we don’t understand sometimes is that we get so involved in the idea of what we want and what we want to achieve and we get some satisfaction out of just thinking about it.

We go online.

We look at cars and we research the dream car of our lives or we go online and we start looking at houses or start looking at travel and things we want to do. We put these things on our vision board. That’s good if it’s going to motivate you.

Unfortunately, what I did for a lot of years, and I know a lot of people do, too, we get too much emotional satisfaction just out of looking at the things that we want to have.

But we don’t take the steps to get it. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you guys. It makes sense to me and it’s on my heart tonight to share with you.

Don’t allow yourself to get emotionally resolved or emotionally justified by just thinking or visioning your success.

Don’t allow yourself to pretend

It’s like we put on these VR goggles. We’re dreaming and so we’ve got our VR or virtual reality goggles on of what our dream is. We get some satisfaction out of that somehow, like we got to experience it even though we weren’t there.

It’s like showing up in the room, if you’re in a home business, and you’re showing up in the room of business owners, successful people.

Even if you’re not in a home business, you can go to an event, a personal development event or anything and just by showing up and being in the room, you think that you’re part of that momentum that’s already happening there, that you now are somehow, by osmosis more successful because you’ve been around people who are on the road to success.

The reality is that’s not true

The reality is, by being in the room, you have the opportunity to learn and to meet people. That’s all great stuff. You can pick up things but you’ve got to go home and put them to work yourself.

You can’t be emotionally justified by just surrounding yourself with others’ success.
You can be inspired.

Inspiration is good.

You can believe more, maybe, by hearing others’ stories, but if you’re emotionally justified by that, you’re releasing the energy that you need to be able to actually go do the work.

I want you to hold onto that energy.

Don’t release it haphazardly. Don’t release it because it makes you feel better by just going and looking at it.

I’m a car guy. I know that’s not everybody’s thing and I know it’s very cliché and materialistic but screw it. That’s my thing.I like things that go fast with motors and they’re really loud. It’s not very eco-friendly, although Tesla’s got some good things going on.

I could go to exotic car dealerships or resellers or whatever and I could almost become emotionally justified. I could go there and pretend like I was there to buy one in my head.

That’s visioning to a point but if, when you leave that dealership or when you leave that environment that has inspired you to believe that you can have more, and it doesn’t inspire you to go do more work, it doesn’t inspire you to become more creative in solving problems and producing solutions and to getting ahead to where you want to go, if it doesn’t do that, you’ve missed the point.

What you’ve done is you’ve now justified or satisfied that desire in your head by exposing yourself to it and pretending that you’ve achieved it versus letting it drive you to achieve more.

Yes, I love cars. We all love stuff. Let’s not BS each other here. There’s a higher purpose. There’s more that we can do. I get that, but that’s a whole other conversation. Maybe I’ll get into that some other time.

Spiritualists love to get into the idea that cars and all this stuff is just so materialistic and you’re working so hard for stuff that just fades away into dust.

I get that, but it causes you to stretch yourself and become more than you are. It puts something out there. It inspires you and by making yourself become more than you are and accomplish more than you are, in order to do that, in order to accomplish those things, you have to impact more people.

You have to become a better person in order to get those things.

In the process of doing that, you develop a bigger vision and more financial capability to do the bigger, more important things.

There’s no honor in being broke with a great idea of how you can solve humanity’s problems

Where there’s honor in building yourself wealth and capability to be able to make a real impact.

What I encourage you to do and what I finally decided to do and figured out was to not allow myself to become emotionally justified by my dreams, to let myself be inspired by them but not emotionally justified by them.

I hope you understand the difference. While I was inspired, then to take that energy and apply it to the work.

I get excited about the work, about being a warrior, about being a winner, about being somebody who goes out there and makes a difference.

That’s what inspires me and I hope it inspires you, too.

I hope it inspires you to make a difference. I hope it inspires you to go and take action on your dreams and to not let you visiting them become a virtual reality that gives you that satisfaction.

It should do just the opposite. It should make you uncomfortable.

There is something I was told a long time ago: You need to work like it depends on you and pray like it depends on God.

Work like it depends on you and pray like it depends on God.

Work like it depends on everything that you do every single day but believe and vision like how you think and what you think is what will happen.

Both are true. Without both, the great thing probably won’t happen. It takes both.

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Is Your Business Not Working Or is it You?

Is Your Business Not Working Or is it You?

When you work really hard, you get the opportunity to spoil yourself. Like the trips we took to Hawaii, amazing experience!

This is why we build businesses.

These are the dreams that we are pursuing.

But the one thing you need to keep in mind is there is a certain amount of self-awareness that you have to have as a business owner and as an entrepreneur.

Most of us that come into network marketing, we’re coming in obviously from a traditional job background where we’re working for somebody else, somebody’s giving us orders.

Most of us are used to being given instructions and you carry out the instructions and you get a cookie at the end of the day in the form of a paycheck. As long as you carry out the instructions, then you get the reward, like Pavlov’s dog.

It is what it is, whatever, but when we get into a business like this, what happens is you don’t have that the same way. You have to be self-aware. You have to be aware of what you’re actually doing and what you’re not.

Find Your Balance

There is a balance.

Here’s what I see some people do. They get into a business like this. They have a certain set of instructions that they’ve gotten from their team leader and they’re continually beating their head against the wall and they’re not getting results or they just keep trying to do the same thing over and over and over again.

Or they keep changing up, like, they’ve done one thing, they did that for a little bit, it didn’t work, and so now they’re trying something else. Now they’re coming up with a different idea. Now they’ve got another training program, and now they’ve got another way to get leads and prospects. They’re jumping around from one thing to the other all the time.

Find your balance, focus on one thing at a time.

Work it…

Here’s the thing. Remember this.

This is an old quote. “Everything works if you work it, and nothing works if you don’t.”

That’s the simple reality

I’ve been guilty of jumping around and trying a bunch of stuff. Getting so lost that you end up being the person pounding your head against a wall and becoming so frustrated that you eventually think, “Oh well screw this”.

Here’s what I want you to understand. The self-awareness part comes down to this. Before you evaluate whether or not something is working or a strategy or a tactic or an approach to building your business is working, you have to be, number one, completely honest with yourself and say, “Am I working?”

Are you doing the necessary intensity and level and consistency of work?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the time, it’s not that what you’re doing that doesn’t work, it’s that you’re probably just not doing enough of it or you haven’t been doing it consistently long enough to gain traction, momentum, and expertise in the skill set necessary for that approach to business to get the result you’re after.

It doesn’t matter how sharp or how impressive you are or even how good you are. If you’re trying, doing something new, there’s going to be a learning curve and there’s going to be a mastery curve to where you get good at it.

Even if once you get good at it, in most strategies, approaches, and techniques of building a business, it takes some time to build momentum.

Because nothing worthwhile was ever easy

Get Focused on the Right Stuff

I see too many people that are getting started in their business, they get fired up and they’re implementing, they’re talking to people and traditional co-market prospecting, picking up the phone, working leads lists, trying to do video marketing, whatever it is that they’re trying to do.

Then they do it for two or three weeks or maybe a month tops with a sort of level of consistency, just starting to understand the process, and then they start to think, “Well, I’m not sure if this is working.” That doubt starts to set in.

When that doubt starts to set in, your work level goes down automatically. You’re not doing it as consistently as you were or with the proper level of intensity, which means you’re definitely not going to get the result, and now you’ve convinced yourself that it doesn’t work.

I’m not saying that you should just continually blindly pound your face against the wall either, but here’s the thing. Be self-aware and honest with yourself. Have you really worked your strategy with the proper level of intensity over an extended period of time?

What’s the proper level of intensity? If you have to ask yourself if you’re working hard enough, if there’s any doubt in your mind as to whether or not you’re doing enough or consistent enough, then chances are, you’re not.

You don’t want to compare yourself to others in terms of their success or results, but I do think it is not a bad idea to compare yourself to others who are growing and actively getting results in their business as far as the amount of work you see them doing, especially if you’re doing marketing or social media strategy or whatever. That’s easy to evaluate.

Look at others.

Look at leaders.

Look at those who are getting results.

How often are they posting?

How often are they showing presentations?

How often are they doing video?

How many calls are they making?

You can know those things. If you’re doing less than what they’re doing, you’re probably going to get less results than they get.

This seems like common sense stuff, but we play head games with ourselves all the time because if it doesn’t work, then we can justify the fact that we’re not working.

Give it all you got

If you’ve got questions about this, if you’re not sure what you need to do next, chances are you need to turn the throttle up.

If you’re finding yourself having a hard time getting up to that level of speed or work or intensity in your business, you’re finding yourself constantly pushing up against that resistance, first of all, understand this.

Number one, it’s natural. There’s going to be resistance. Deal with it. Fight through it. Develop that muscle, that reaction that when you feel that resistance that that’s a sign to you to not back off, but to push over, to be that much more intense.

When I say intense, I don’t mean freaky nuts. I mean just that much more commitment to doing the work consistently, to getting it done.

It should be that much more of a drive for you to do what you know you need to do. That’s really it. The difference between success and failure is usually not how smart somebody is and it’s not whether they had a better strategy.

A lot of marketers and a lot of gurus out there, are some that would leave you to believe or want you to believe that it’s always that they’ve got the secret sauce. Whatever they’ve got, maybe it works, but the fact is I see a lot of people, bouncing around from one strategy to the next, and none of them are working for them because they’re not sold out to any of them and they’re not sold out to themselves and they are not truly sold out to what they want and why they’re doing this thing and the vision of what they’ve got that’s going to push them past that resistance, that’s going to help pull you through that phase and that process of learning.

Get committed

I’m going to tell you right now, it’s going to be three to six months minimum to learn to develop the skill necessary and get good at whatever strategy you’re implementing in your business.

Three to six months commitment. That’s just what it takes to get good at it, to start gaining some momentum. Sure, you hear the stories of people and how good they get in the business, they get into network marketing business and boom instant success. It is never instant!

I don’t care what kind of business. They get in business and all of a sudden, poof, they’re like toast out of a toaster and they’re hugely successful in just a matter of a short period of time. “Hey, I made a six-figure or seven-figure earner in twelve to eighteen months.”

You know what? That’s a unicorn

It doesn’t happen very often. Those unicorns are the back story you don’t know, a lot of the time is the skill set they brought to the table when they showed up, the work and the momentum they had in their lives, and the circle of influence and the mojo they had when they showed up.

That plays into it. Those unicorns, they don’t happen because of how great the system was or how great any particular thing was. Those unicorns happen because of what they brought into the system and their own personal skill, business acumen, circle of influence, self-discipline.

All those things that they had prior to starting their business here played a role, a huge role, in how fast they were able to grow, but the majority of people who come into a new business, a new home business, it’s like bumper bowling.

Take time to learn and focus

You’re going to learn the process and you’re going to have to learn to get some skills and you’re going to have to learn to become self-aware, but if you constantly are mentally getting in and getting out and starting and stopping and starting and stopping, you’re constantly going back to the starting line, it’s going to take longer.

Until you make that decision that you’re going to just stay at it, until you succeed and you’re not going to back off at all, you’re not going to look over, you’re rubbernecking over your shoulder looking for results every week, you’re going to go.

When you make that final decision that that’s what’s going to happen, you will learn the skills, you will overcome the challenges, you will start to develop some mindset, and you will become a little self-aware of why or where you’re getting results or where you’re not and you can perfect and refine and go that much faster.

I hope this makes sense to you, if you focus your fears, you can ultimately conquer them.

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The Motivating Power of Gratitude and How it Can Help You

After viewing the absolute beauty that Hawaii has to offer and being fortunate enough to stay in an awesome hotel, I must say you can’t help but be filled with gratitude.

Every single time we come to a place like this, first of all I want you to understand something. I feel fortunate to be here.

Have I done a lot of work? Yes. But have I been blessed by those who have gone before me? Absolutely!

See there’s been pioneers that blazed this industry that we call network marketing nowadays that came before us.

Those that came before us

There have been many people that have traveled here before me, the pioneers, the ones that have taught us so many.

My grandfather was one of them and each and every one of us today, everyone of you, every top earner that’s out there right now in this industry, in my opinion owes at least a little bit of a debt of gratitude to those pioneers. Not just my granddad but all of them. All the ones that blazed the trail that proved this model to actually work. To prove that it could be done. It proved that somebody from modest means could create an incredible lifestyle in a business of their own from starting on a shoestring. That’s what this whole thing was about.

The true meaning of the fulfillment through gratitude

There is so much to be grateful for and sometimes we tend to forget the little things in life that stare us right in the face. I mentioned before how pioneers before us have actually paved a little yellow brick road for us to follow, we just need to take the first steps.

Every time I come to Hawaii or a place like this, I’m filled with gratitude to those who came before me. To the opportunities that were placed in front of us. To the people like you who see it today and see this opportunity as something that they can do and embrace. And for their families that are going to get to enjoy things just like our family’s been able to enjoy things multi-generationally over time. To have the choice to then do your own thing. To have you choose to build your own business. To integrate that into a business.

The true essence of a Pioneer

There’s a feeling, an indescribable feeling that when I think of these things I start to tingle. I’m tingling when I think about this stuff because one choice that someone that came before made, made us different. If my granddad had made a different choice. If he chose not to believe in this. If he chose that, “Well maybe you know what, nobody’s ever done this before, I don’t know if I can do it.”

In his day you couldn’t point to all these success stories. It didn’t exist. They could have made a choice. Maybe where they came from or you come from, you don’t have anybody else that’s around you in your family or your circle of friends who have ever made the right choices to become successful and you’re making those choices today. You’re maybe feeling a little bit alone. Feeling a little bit of an outsider.

You’re not alone, you’re not an outsider

The reality is that’s part of the deal. You get to be the first. You get to be the one that creates the legacy.

I’m super, super grateful every time we get to do something like this. Every time we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors if we will and the fruits of our forefathers as well as our own. The fact is that gratitude compels me, motivates me to do more. What you have to understand is, if you really are grateful, if you really understand why you are where you are and it’s not all just about you, it’s not just all about me, when you have true gratitude.

When you have true gratitude, the prize, the goal is getting to experience that isn’t a finish. That is a motivation to do more. By the time I get here and start to relax just a little bit, I’m ready to go home and go back to work.

Be ready

I’m ready to share more, do more and create more. I hope you have that same feeling. I hope that when your business starts to grow and you start to experience those rewards that starts to happen, which they will happen, you have to choose to believe, be the one that’s going to continue to move. The one that’s going to stay focused. The one that’s going to do your five activities every single day.

Stay consistent. When you’re not living this. When you’re not seeing this or you’ll never get it, but when you get here I hope that you’ll take that time and you’ll understand gratitude. It’ll motivate you to do even more. I think any really truly successful person who’s really built something has that attitude. The only people I know that have an attitude of ingratitude are people who just had it all handed to them and never really understood where it came from.

There’s not very many of those people really in the world.

Born wealthy or worked for it?

A lot of people think that there’s a lot of wealthy people or they come from money or whatever but the fact is, over 95% of millionaires in America is are first generation or built it themselves. What I’m saying in one way form or another. Anyhow, I hope this motivates you a little bit today. It fires you up a little bit today. I’ll give you some more tactics and stuff as time goes on but more than likely this week while I’m here in Hawaii, I’m going to be big picture stuff to broaden your mindset because that’s where my head is when I’m here. I’m not worried about strategies and tactics when I’m here. When I’m here, when I’m at places like this, is where mindset happens.

Where I get an opportunity to step outside and think of the bigger picture. Where are we going? What’s the bigger vision? What’s the next step?

Hopefully, I’ll share some stuff with you guys that’ll help you overcome your fears, help you stay focused on what your potential is and where you’re actually going and expand your vision.

Hope this helped you and if it did, keep following because I’m going to be doing more of these. If you want to follow my personal profile feel free to do so.

Just look up Jason Dutt on Facebook you’ll find me because I’ll be sharing some fun stuff.

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A Lesson About Success and How Long it Actually Takes

A Lesson About Success and How Long it Actually Takes

I want to come to you today with a message that I wish I had learned or understood a lot earlier in my journey and how long it takes to have success.

It is going to take longer than you think.

Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, if you’re trying to build a business, if you’re trying to gain your freedom, if you have a specific goal in mind that you want to achieve, if you have a lifestyle or a vision that you want to build, it is going to take longer than you think.

That’s the first thing. You need to be ready and willing to commit a longer period of time than you think it’s going to take. You have to have an attitude of you’re going to continue working absolutely full tilt on it until you succeed, and not give it a deadline.

It’s one thing to set goals. It’s another thing to set a limit to what you’re willing to do. It’s important to set goals, but if you have a big vision, a big dream, something you want to achieve, to earn your freedom, it’s going to take longer than you think.

I think it was Tony Robbins that said;

‘Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and way underestimate what they can accomplish in five years.


So, it’s not going to be a matter of six months and you’re free. For most of you, It’s not going to be a matter of 12 months and you’re free. It’s going to be a matter of a couple of years at least to obtain the goals that you want to obtain. Be aware of that.

If this concept bothers you, it’s going to take even longer

Here’s something else that I’ve learned. And I learned it the hard way. If the concept that it’s going to take you longer than you think bothers you, and if you’re struggling with that concept, it’s going to take you even longer. Just saying, that’s the reality of it.

Keep going until you reach your goals

The sooner that you accept that and get it into your head that it’s a long journey the better. It is a decision you’re making to keep going until you achieve the success that you want in your business or in your life. So whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve; your weight loss, your personal goals, remember that most of us, as human beings, tend to shrink the timeline when the reality is it takes longer than we think.

Does it take eons longer than we think? No, but it does that a while, and if we struggle with that concept, if we’re not willing to accept it, then what we do is we start looking over our shoulder. We start checking for results too early in the process and moving our focus onto our benchmarks and our results as opposed to our activity.

Keep your focus on your activity

Keep your focus on where you’re going. You can’t measure results instantaneously. Your path to success is not a linear path. Overnight success is pretty much built over a period of years, depending on what the goals are.

There’s going to be ups and downs. You can’t just keep looking over your shoulder. You have to be willing to accept it’s going to take time. You have to get your head focused on saying

‘I’m working until I succeed. I’m going to stay in it. I’m going to stay in the game.

Here’s a great analogy. Until a plane reaches a certain speed at the end of the runway, it cannot take off. If it is going down the runway and the pilot says, ‘Well, you know, I’m not sure if this is going to work or not,’ and he backs off of the throttle, he’s going to have a problem at the end of that runway. He’s got to be going full tilt, reach lift off speed, and then pull up. If he’s playing with the throttle through the process, if he’s looking behind him going, ‘Gee, are we going fast enough?’ it’s not going to work out so well.

So, it’s going to take longer than you think to reach whatever goal you want to achieve. Just accept it and embrace it, because the sooner you do that the sooner you shorten the curve. Otherwise your habits will cause it to take even longer, if you ever even get there.

It took me a long time to learn this, and I hope this helps you and maybe hits you the right way today.

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How To Overcome Fear

How to Overcome Fear in your Business, in Life and Everything

Fear! The one compelling thing that stands between you and your dreams.

It can keep you from doing something that could ultimately make you succeed. Let’s talk about fear for a second, because I really, truly believe in my experience that the number one thing that holds people back from achieving what they want to achieve in their business and in their life is a fear of whatever.

Understanding that fear, understanding what it is, why it is, and developing what successful people do, it’s not that they don’t have fear. Successful people still have the same apprehensions, fears, and as one of my favorite books called The War of Art, describes it as resistance to doing the things that we know we need to do in order to achieve our goals.
The only thing to fear is fear itself.

For most of us in this industry, in network marketing, it often starts with a fear of taking those steps, of talking to people, of opening the door, of doing lives on social media or whatever it is you’re doing to attract people to you, of taking those steps. That often can manifest itself in a fear of leadership, a fear of responsibility that comes from having those people looking to you. Think about it.

If you’re looking to build a team, you know subconsciously or maybe consciously that ultimately you’re going to have people looking at you for help. They’re looking at you for leadership. That can be a scary proposition for a lot of us. Let me share a couple quick concepts with you.

First of all, this is in The War of Art and one of my buddies online was actually talking about. The thing that you’re fearing the most right now, the thing that you’re feeling the most resistance about doing right now in your business is probably the number one thing you are supposed to be doing. Not just for your business, but for you. It’s often the thing that we are called to do, the biggest challenge or resistance for us to actually get ourselves to do.

The one thing that stands in your way, is exactly that – your fear of failure shouldn’t be greater than your desire for success.

Don’t hibernate… ACTIVATE!

Let me explain this to you. This is going to be especially helpful for those of you who maybe have been involved in your business for a little while and have been kind of just sitting on the side-lines, in stasis, or in hibernation. Because here’s what we do.

Networkers who are still in their business who haven’t taken action to overcome their fear of the unknown or more like their fear of failure, the fear of resistance and that don’t take action with the things that they need to do. Here’s what happens. You develop a cycle of not taking action, and the more that you do that, the more you think about what you should be doing, the bigger the monster gets. Procrastination is like a disease that manifests itself in the most important part of you, your mind.

You become so focussed on your fear of what might go wrong and get so side-tracked by doing all the wrong things that you don’t see the bigger picture that is right in front of you. And that is when you should take action that is the exact time when you should get up and do something about that thing that you’ve wanted to do and have been afraid to do. Always remember that there are only two answers when it comes to a question, yes and no. Don’t be so focused on the NO that you miss the 20 000 yesses that may be staring at you.

Divide and conquer

Think of it this way. Personally, I hate heights. It’s one of my things. I constantly put myself in situations to overcome that fear. I go on crazy rides, the crazier the better. In Vegas, they put me on the top of the … What is it? The top of the building there. One of the casinos there where they got the ride that shoots you straight up in the air and then drops you but you’re on top of a building so you’re way up in the air. I did that a couple years ago. I was absolutely mortified the entire time. It’s an exercise I do for myself. I’m not sure it’s helped me overcome the fear of heights yet, but it’s a reminder for me to face those challenges.

And that’s why you should divide and conquer, divide your pros and cons – list them, go over them, DON’T over think them. Once you’ve listed them it’s time to tackle them, face those fears – it is time to conquer them.

Here’s what happens. Let’s put yourself in the top of the high dive. If you’re on the top of the high dive and you’re afraid of heights, you get those butterflies. In our house we’ve got a zip line that goes across our pond. We got a big three acre pond and we built a zip line for our friends and team members.

You climb up and it’s about 30 feet up and you’re on a platform and you’re holding on with your hands to the zip line and it zips you clear across the pond and you can drop into the water. It’s a blast. Still to this day, when I get up to the top of that thing, I’ve done it, countless times. When I get to the top of that thing and I’m standing on the edge of it, and I’m 35 feet in the air, and I’m holding on to that grip.

I know I can do this.

There’s no question in my mind. I’ve done it a bunch of times. But once I’m out there, the fear is gone. It’s just me and the zip line, then I take the plunge and it is exhilarating. The thrill fills you and when you get to the end you know you’ve achieved something, you’ve overcome what you were most afraid of. And guess what, even though you had butterflies and were afraid – you still took the leap that most people never would.

As soon as you do it, as soon as you let go, as soon as you jump, as soon as you take the action, as soon as you’re in motion, the fear is gone. Think about it. The fear is gone. That feeling of fear is gone because now you’re doing it. Once I’m out there, I’m up in the air, I’m above the water, and I’m doing back flips off this thing, the whole nine yards. No problem.

Still to this day, when I’m on that platform, before I jump and let go, I still have that feeling of fear. The same is true for your business. The same is true for the prospects you know you need to call, the people on your list that you haven’t reached out to because you’re not sure how they’re going to react. Whatever the next step is in your business that you need to do.

Take the leap

I’m actually facing something right now where it’s another big step in our business. It’s something I want to do for our team and for our growth that I’ve been resisting. To me that’s a sign. This is a habit that we have to develop as business owners, as successful people, this is what you develop. When you feel that resistance, or that hesitancy, to do something, you know it’s the thing you should be doing. It’s developing that habit of saying, “Now is the time to jump.” Because the longer I stand on this platform, the bigger that fear monster’s going to get. The harder it’s going to get to just push off and let go. The more you’re going to have to overcome that feeling.

It’s something I want to do for our team and for our growth that I’ve been resisting. To me that’s a sign. This is a habit that we have to develop as business owners, as successful people, this is what you develop. When you feel that resistance, or that hesitancy, to do something, you know it’s the thing you should be doing. It’s developing that habit of saying, “Now is the time to jump.” Because the longer I stand on this platform, the bigger that fear monster’s going to get. The harder it’s going to get to just push off and let go. The more you’re going to have to overcome that feeling.

Now, with that said, something I want to share. A reality about this fear thing. When it comes to business, in what we’re doing, what most of that fear is, is one of two things and it’s really the same thing. It’s a fear of failure and a fear of what others will think. It’s a fear of how others are going to respond to you.

It’s a fear of rejection.

It’s a fear of judgment.

We’ve talked about this before. It all boils down to the same thing and that is an emotional attachment to the opinion of others. If there’s one muscle that you need to work out, that you need to exercise in anything, in life through just success in this business, is getting over that emotional attachment to the opinion of others. It’s your life.

It’s your dream. It’s your business. It’s your success. It’s your family. It’s your lifestyle you’re fighting for. What somebody else thinks about that is irrelevant.

Resistance is futile

I can say this all day, but fear is the only thing standing between you and your goal.

I have gotten to a point where I don’t need to be. I’m not suggesting that you start getting aggressive with people to defend this emotional thing, because I did that at one time honestly. I don’t recommend it. I got to the point where I was like. On my way of pushing through that fear of other’s opinions, I was pretty much closer to tell them to stick it. I don’t recommend that. That’s a phase I went through.

Ultimately, I’ve come to a point to where I can smile and say, “Hey, that’s cool.” I truly do not care. The reason I’ve gotten to that point is because of facing that resistance, facing that fear, facing that judgment over and over and over and over and over again, to a point to where I developed a tolerance to it almost. To a point to where I’ve developed where you get thicker skin. Callous isn’t the right word because that sounds like a word used in a way of, “He’s callous.” Like he’s insensitive. That’s not the point. You develop a little bit thicker skin. It doesn’t affect you the same way it might be affecting you now.

Do we still feel that sometimes? Of course, it’s human nature. You get to a point to where it does get easier. By you taking action, by you knowing you’re doing what you need to do, by you knowing that you jumped off of the zip line, you knowing that you had the courage to do that, you can allow yourself to get a little swagger.

You can allow yourself to get a little pride in yourself that you know you’re doing things that the average person won’t do. Because everybody faces these kinds of fears, and the same people who might criticize you or think that your business is stupid, or not be supportive of you, or those things that you’re fearing. Those same people, they’re facing the same issues in their life, the same fears in their life, and maybe they’re overcoming some of them but, in my experience, somebody who criticizes somebody else who’s trying to achieve greatness and improve their life and criticizes that person, is secretly a fan of that person. Is secretly jealous of that person because they don’t have the guts to do what that person’s doing.

They can make themselves feel better about it by criticizing them. Interesting right? It is the basics of psychology, make someone feel bad so that you can feel better. Don’t follow in their footsteps, that’s what I think.

Confidence is Key

Let yourself have a little swagger, a little confidence. The little victory today might be you making that one phone call that you’ve been afraid to make for months. If you pick up that phone today and make that call, you should be thrilled, regardless of the outcome of the call. Do not be attached to the outcome, be attached to the activity.

Allow yourself to have a little bit of swagger because you took the activity. Let that build your confidence and then continue. You have to continue day after day, after day. That’s what builds the resistance. Be like a rhino. You’re getting that thicker skin. You’re charging forward. That’s exactly right.

Be like a rhino. You’re getting that thicker skin. You’re charging forward. That’s exactly right.

You’re getting that thicker skin. You’re charging forward. That’s exactly right.

This right here is 90%, in my experience, 90% of why people do not have more success in their businesses. It’s 90% of it. It’s a head game that we play. It’s because we’re worried we’ve been trained up our whole lives to worry about what somebody else thinks. We’re supposed to sit in our chairs in school, and we’re supposed to listen to the teacher, and only speak when spoken to, and raise our hand, and follow all the rules. We’re raised up to be a cog in a wheel.

As soon as we step outside of that, we don’t know what to do sometimes. That’s a scary proposition. The rest of the world sometimes doesn’t know how to respond to us. We just have to smile and wave boys. Smile and wave and move on through. That’s what’s going to help you do this.

One last thing about resistance. I’m going to tell a little story about myself. Here’s another analogy for this. When I was a kid, mathematics was not my strong suit. I did not like algebra. I did not like math. Early on, I developed a self-image that I wasn’t good at math. That’s a whole nother story really to get into. We all have these things. Somewhere in our lives, in our childhood, or whatever experiences that we’ve had. I don’t know. Maybe I was in class and I wasn’t good with my flashcards and kids were making fun of me because I had the wrong answers.

I had convinced myself that I wasn’t good at math. Then later, I don’t know, it was like eighth grade, freshman year, sophomore year, somewhere in there. We were getting into algebra two and man it was a mountain for me. It was challenging, it was difficult. A lot of it was in my own head. I know that looking back. What I would do, my mother told me about this because I had actually forgotten it. I actually denied it for a long time. Then I started thinking going and realized that I actually did do that.

Maybe I was in class and I wasn’t good with my flashcards and kids were making fun of me because I had the wrong answers. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t good at math. Then later, I don’t know, it was like eighth grade, freshman year, sophomore year, somewhere in there. We were getting into algebra two and man it was a mountain for me. It was challenging, it was difficult. A lot of it was in my own head. I know that looking back. What I would do, my mother told me about this because I had actually forgotten it. I actually denied it for a long time. Then I started thinking going and realized that I actually did do that.

When I was a kid, mathematics was not my strong suit. I did not like algebra. I did not like math. Early on, I developed a self-image that I wasn’t good at math. That’s a whole nother story really to get into. We all have these things. Somewhere in our lives, in our childhood, or whatever experiences that we’ve had. I don’t know. Maybe I was in class and I wasn’t good with my flashcards and kids were making fun of me because I had the wrong answers. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t good at math. Then later, I don’t know, it was like eighth grade, freshman year, sophomore year, somewhere in there. We were getting into algebra two and man it was a mountain for me. It was challenging, it was difficult. A lot of it was in my own head. I know that looking back.

What I would do, my mother told me about this because I had actually forgotten it. I actually denied it for a long time. Then I started thinking and realized that I actually did do that.

Challenges build character

I would sit there with my homework and my mom would try to help me with my algebra homework. I would sit there with my homework and I was struggling with it and I was convinced I wasn’t good at it. I would get so bottled up, so resistant to doing it, believing I wasn’t good at it. Believing that I hated it. Believing that I didn’t want to do it.

Making that decision, I would sit there for hours because my mom would make me. God bless my mother. She’d say, “Sit your butt down and get it done. Get it done.” I would sit there and I would sit there for hours staring at the page. To the point to where the letters and numbers just blended together.

Just would refuse to do it. Fortunately, my mom was a strong enough woman, she’d hold me to that seat and she’d say, “You’re not getting up until it’s done.” Finally, I’d cave in, I’d concentrate, I’d do the work, and I’d get it done. But I would sit there for hours.

My question to you, my friends, is “Are you sitting in front of the algebra homework right now?” That you believe that you’re not good at.

That you believe that you can’t do. That you’ve allowed yourself to be programmed into your own mind that you’re not good at talking to prospects.

That you’re afraid of doing this. These stories that you’re telling yourself. Are you allowing yourself to sit there staring at the page?

Because if you are, realize that it’s not going to get done by itself, and realize what you want, and you want success in this business, it’s a skill set you’re going to have to learn to get over, learn to develop, and you’re going to have to get over that fear, and you’re going to have to take that jump off the zip line.

Once you are going down the zip line, it’s not that bad. Once I was finally doing the work, the algebra work, it wasn’t that bad.

So sit your butt down and take the plunge.

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