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What’s the ONE Thing that Courses Can’t Teach You?

What’s the ONE Thing that Courses Can’t Teach You?

There are a ton of courses out there about everything and anything, you name it and there will be a course on it.

The main problem with many courses is they are not being taught by a true expert. You will have heard me rant about this before, the main issue I have is that they are being taught by people who really aren’t qualified to be teaching.

When we’re talking about courses to do with entrepreneurship, business ownership, network marketing, social media, how to generate leads. You have to do your own due diligence and ensure that they have ‘walked the talk’ before you hand over a penny.

It is important to be careful, do your homework, find out if the person that is selling you this course or promoting this information is qualified to be teaching it. It is very easy to ‘look’ successful online, so ask for referrals, social proof and be skeptical.

You’ve heard me say this before but make sure they’ve actually built a business doing what you are attempting to do. Not just selling you a course on how to do it.

Reading a book or completing a course does not make you a qualified expert to teach others how to do it.

Some questions to think about, do they have results for their clients that they can demonstrate to you. Have they ‘made it’ themselves doing what they are teaching? What is it they can do for you? Have they got a proven track record and testimonials to prove it?

Does your potential coach have a vested interest in YOU?

I often discuss coaching and mentoring and getting connected to a coach and a mentor that has a vested interest in your success

That’s a key element, particularly within the network marketing space.

It’s designed to do that. If you’re in a network marketing company and you don’t have a coach or mentor that is part of your up line that has success, that is investing their time, effort and energy in you, you might want to rethink where you’re at.

It would be a good idea to seek that person out, and let me give you an idea of how to seek that person out and how to get that kind of connection and relationship you’re looking for.

The one thing you can’t learn from a course…

The one thing you guys can’t learn from a course is the will to win. No one can teach you that, you cannot learn it – it is a trait that few and far between have.

I can’t give that to somebody, and I’ll be honest with you I’m struggling teaching that to my son right now. My son Paxton, he’s a lover not a fighter, and I love that about him. I really do. He’ll get competitive on certain things when he wants to be, but as a dad sometimes you wonder does he really have the burn.

We’re starting our racing season coming up from spring, and I’m not 100% sure he’s got the drive and the burn to get the win, so I’m trying to teach him that, and that’s my own kid, so the reality is I’m learning from that and from helping many people in their business. It is evident that even with my own son, I cannot teach you to win. That must come from within.

You have to develop the need to succeed

You have to develop that will and that drive to win on your own, and to keep taking action no matter what.

That will and that drive to win should give you the initiative to get the information and get the connections and the relationships you need to move yourself forward.

Here’s what I see some people do…

If you’re buying a course because you’re wanting to learn something specific and you’re going to implement that, that’s great.

If you’re buying a course because you’re looking for someone to give you the ‘answer’ and to hold your hand and do it for it for you a course is not right for you.

With a course you have to have the attitude that you will do it by yourself alone, and then by you having that initiative, that drive, that desire to go out and find the right information you need to succeed. That is what’s going to attract the kind of mentorship that you need.

The people who don’t get that kind of personal connection with a mentor are the ones who say that they need it the most but do the least to get it. They’re not taking the initiative to go out and do the work.

They’re not taking the initiative to go out and implement what they’ve already found and have been taught.

Fire up your drive and stop slacking

You are studying and dabbling looking for the answer. When you stop looking for ‘quick fixes’ and do the work consistently you will see results.

Will you carry on when you have a little bit of failure or rejection? Maybe you make 20 or 30 approaches on network marketing, you might approach 20 or 30 people through social media, and maybe you don’t get a lot of success out of that, and you are like, “Well, I guess it’s not working for me.”

No, the person with initiative, the person with the drive to win, is going to keep testing.

They’re going to keep trying. They’re going to keep learning, and they’re going to keep producing the results or at least producing the activity and show the fruits of their work to their mentor.

Drop frustration and get going

Some of my most frustrating coaching calls I have with people are folks who are just so frustrated and so stuck and so, “I just don’t know what to do.”

But they’ve taken no action in months, so now it’s like the only thing I can tell them is you need to go do some work, so you can develop the skills.

I can teach you skills, but you won’t develop a real understanding of the skill until you take the initiative to do, and you’re going to have to try, fail, and adjust, and find what works best for you.

I can give you some scripts and some ideas of what to say in certain situations and how to sell and how to promote, but you’re not going to find what works and really connects with you and your people until you go and execute, and find your own style.

To hear my real life example of me practising what I preach then be sure to check out the video which goes into more detail.

You’ve got to start doing some things, and start getting some small wins, so you can really believe that the big picture can be yours.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

I’ve made mistakes.

I have done things the hard way that could have been done a lot easier, but I just didn’t know any better, but I still got the job done and learned

Prove to the world that you can, show initiative

Go show me.

If you get one takeaway from this blog I would like you to remember is to take initiative.

One of the dangers is if you’re not taking initiative, and you’re not taking any action, and you’re not willing to take the lumps, and you’re willing to make the mistakes, and move forward anyway, it’s very easy, especially in this information age, it’s very easy to get addicted to training.

It’s very easy to get addicted to well if I just buy this next course maybe that will give me the secret that will make it easy for me to let me skip the hard stuff.

Don’t skip the hard stuff

There’s always going to be some hard stuff you cannot skip.

You have to accept that.

You have to accept the fact that there’s going to be hard to learn from and grow otherwise you will never be able to become the leader and person you need to become, if you don’t overcome those challenges yourself.

That’s part of what business ownership and entrepreneurship does is it forces you to get better, and you can’t skip that part. You can’t get that part through a course. You have to get that part through experience. You have to earn your success.

There is nothing wrong with educating yourself. I’m totally down with that, but don’t get addicted to it because you’re not willing to go through the pain and the struggle of it.

The struggle isn’t just in your mind. Most of us spend too much time struggling in our minds, and not enough time struggling in the work. You’re going to struggle either way.

What do I do next? Playing mental ping-pong all day long, or you can struggle implementing, learning, and actually making progress. Either way you’re going to struggle, so I hope this message makes some sense and incentivises you to take action.

Create opportunities to practice

I had an opportunity to do with my son and his go carting this weekend. If this interests you watch the video to find out how we showed up and were active to get ahead.

You show up, and you provide value first.

You do the work, and then you get the opportunities.

Take some initiative.

Take some action, and then show up to that coach or mentor.

You’ll be amazed.

Those of you who are getting the attention of an up line or a coach or a qualified person.

Those are busy people in your up line team. Understand that.

They’ve got a lot of people who are raising their hands wanting help. If you really want to get the help from a qualified up line, if you really want to get their attention, you have to do the work first.

When I sponsor somebody on my team there’s a window that they have. Typically it’s 90 to 120 days. Now, I always stay available for anyone who’s actually doing the work and taking action on what I coach them on.

I’m always available for those people, but when I’ve got a new person they’ve got about 90 to 120 days where I’ll put up with me having to kind of bring them along because they may not have the mindset and understand the principals I’m giving you right now, so they have about 90 to 120 days where I will go all out helping, trying to bring them up to speed to develop their mindset that they will take action.

If they’re not taking action after about 90 to 120 days, if they’re just whining and complaining, if they’re not showing up to events, if they’re not showing up to trainings that we have available, if they’ve joined the gym and they’re not coming in to lift the weights I can’t keep going back to that person.

I have to give my time to those who are actually doing the work.

Don’t waste your mentor’s time – TAKE ACTION

Your up-line’s probably the same way, so here’s a big secret, I don’t care how long you’ve been involved in your business, if you want to get their attention start taking action.

Results are great, too, but if you’re taking action, and you’re reporting in that here’s what I did this week, and you probably got their email. You’ve got some way of getting in touch with them. Show them that you’re taking initiative consistently over time.

You will get their attention. I promise you.

You’re active, engaged, successful up line is always looking for somebody who’s willing to do work. Who’s willing to take action, and who’s willing to be coachable and move on what they’re being taught.

There’s nothing more frustrating to an up line or a coach than a down line who says they want it who then you. To invest the time to teach them the next step for them, and then they don’t take action on that next step that you taught them.

What an up line will do is eventually they’re going to stop trying to lead the horse to water, so to speak. Old saying, never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time. It annoys the pig.

Get off your butt out there and take action.

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