How To Create Massive Momentum On Your Team

Momentum.  If you’ve been around network marketing for any time at all, you’ve heard people talk about it.  Maybe your team has it.  Maybe your team is trying to gain it.  Maybe you’re realizing your team isn’t even on the momentum map, and you’re wondering what to do.  If you want to create and sustain momentum on your team, read on…

What Is “Momentum” and Why It’s Important For Your Business

Momentum, in terms of your business, is evident when your business team takes on a life of it’s own.  The easiest way to start explaining true momentum is to describe it’s symptoms.  Here’s some clear signs that your business team is in momentum:

  1. People on your team are rank advancing consistently.
  2. Attendees to your company events are growing exponentially, from event to event.
  3. The majority of people SHOW UP to events excited and ready to learn and grow, not to get “recharged.
  4. Your downline team is able to get results with or without your help.
  5. Your biggest problem is “How do I help all these people?”  not “How do I find more people?”

momentumThese are just a few signs, but the reality is, you’ll know momentum when you see it.  It’s dynamic, explosive, and electric.  And people can feel it.  It’s almost and intangible energy in the air when the team gets together.  People who are getting introduced to your opportunity can feel it too, and they’re attracted to it.  That kind of energy, purpose and cause is what most are missing from their lives.    People are sick of mediocrity… they’re busy, bored, stressed and frustrated all at the same time… and the atmosphere of a team in momentum is a beacon of hope and a chance for a better life.  And when those people, in turn, take action and get results, it fans the flame of momentum for the whole team.

It’s kinda obvious why momentum is important, and what it does for your business.  But since momentum is a self-feeding cycle, it can be a challenge to understand how to get it going.So, which comes first, the chicken or the egg, right?  Let me help you out…

The Chicken Comes First.

“The Chicken” being the leader.  The example.  The entrepreneur.  The person who decides to create momentum, regardless of what the rest of the team is doing or not doing.  It’s true in everything and anything that ever was great.

This classic quote, usually attributed to John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Christian movement,  says it all:

“Set yourself on fire with passion & people will come for miles to watch you burn.”

Now, whether you’re a fan of Wesley or not is irrelevant.  The point is true.  But, most people are eggs.  They’re looking for the organization that’s already on fire and they want to jump in.  And they also have the notion of wanting to be part of something new… something different… something that’s making changes and doing things in a way that others aren’t.  This is why so many people are talking about their “ground floor” opportunity.  Guys, all “ground floor” means is you’re working with a less experienced company or organization.  Sometimes, “ground floor” opportunities can look like they’re in momentum more than larger, more seasoned companies when they’re really not.  For instance, lots of companies like to talk about their percentage growth, while most folks forget that percentage growth is all relative to the size of the overall organization.

Add thirty people to an aircraft carrier and it doesn’t seem like much.  Add three people to a phone booth and the place is packed!

But, I digress.

The point is, companies don’t go in and out of momentum.  People do.  And in most every company, at any given time, there’s somebody who’s leading a team with massive momentum.

COMMITTMENTEvery Movement, Every Organization that ever Mattered Started with One COMMITTED Person.

So, getting business momentum is more about creating personal momentum first, then team momentum comes as a result.  Now, the reality is, not everyone is the same, so what gets my butt off the couch and keeps me moving might not be the same things that keep you moving.  But I believe there are a few constants that hold true for everyone who wants to keep up their steam:

Set an attainable daily action plan and execute on it.

Great ideas don’t matter.  Great plans don’t matter.  Execution matters.  Period.  Having a daily plan keeps you focused on what matters, and helps you stack up little wins each and every day to keep you moving toward your goals.

  1. Read something that makes you grow.For me, there’s 4 categories:  Mindset, Strategy, Stories, and Spiritual.  “Think And Grow Rich” and “The Magic Of Thinking Big” are two mindset classics.  Strategy books are ones that address specific methods or tactics related to building your business.  Stories are generally nonfiction biographies of overcomers, adventurers, and achievers both in an out of the business world.  Spiritual is, for me personally, the Bible.Now, I don’t suggest you read them all every day.  Remember, item #1 is really the only one that produces results in the end, so don’t kid yourself by spending all your time reading and thinking you’re building  your business.  I recommend 15-30 minutes every day.  More if you have time AFTER you execute on your plan.
  2. Associate with winners.Yes, this means in-person.  But I also lump audio, video, podcasts, blogs, etc. into this category.  Because of the availability of knowledge through the internet, and the willingness of achievers to share it, not all of my mentors even know they’re mentoring me.  Find leaders you relate to and follow them for daily inspiration and know-how.
  3. Consistently execute on the above three items! This is where most people fall down and never get momentum.  Success is going to take work.  A hell of a lot of work.  For a really long time, in most cases.  If you want a big business, you need to accept that fact now.  Stop looking over your shoulder for results.Stop worrying about, “What if I do all this work and it doesn’t happen?”You should be thinking, “What if I don’t do all this work and the rest of my life I wonder if I could have been better?”
  4. Be willing to do things differently.The reason leaders who create momentum are so attractive initially is because they create “buzz” about what they’re doing.  They try new things, perhaps a new approach to their business or solving a problem that other’s haven’t or won’t.  And the simple fact that they believe they have a better way attracts others who are looking for a better way. The more established your company is, the more true this may be.  If everyone’s doing it “they way we’ve always done it,” and not getting the kind of results you want, then perhaps it’s time for you to find a better way to do it.  Be careful though… falling prey to “shiny object syndrome” will kill your momentum.  (I’ll be talking more about that in my next post, “7 Absolute Killers Of Business Momentum“.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Become an Entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs don’t wait for someone else to show them the way.  They don’t wait for someone else to help.  And they sure as hell don’t wait for someone else to create momentum.  The create it themselves.

In network marketing, it’s no different.  In some way, every top-earner you’ve ever heard about has done this; they’ve created their own brand and their own momentum through a personal decision to burn their bridges, and work until they achieve their goals.

And that commitment… that fire in a leader… is the spark that starts the momentum cycle moving.

Did this help you?  If so, I’d really appreciate if you commented below with your biggest takeaway, and share on Facebook.


About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.