What To Do With “Dead” Team Members

What To Do With Dead Team Members

I had a great question from Ricky the other day that maybe you can relate to…

First of all, I’ll give you all a little background:

He’s been in network marketing for a couple years, and it sounds like he is having some pretty decent success, meaning, he’s got a little bit of a team going.

His question went something like this:

I’m moving on… but I’ve got team members that just aren’t responsive. I’m trying to reach out to them and encourage them and help them move forward as well, but they’re just not participating. They’re not being responsive. They’re not getting back with me, so what do I do? How do I help engage those people?

He went on today that he was even feeling a little bit guilty for moving on without them. I appreciate that because that tells me his heart’s in the right place, that he’s truly wanting to help people grow, and not he’s just about signing people up.  So, kudos to Ricky.  He gets it.

The reality is, just because somebody got into your business or joined your team doesn’t necessarily mean that, at this moment, they are really ready to do the work to make it happen for themselves. They might like the idea of the business. They might have seen something at that time, but maybe it’s faded away, or maybe they really weren’t sure or sincere in their decision about wanting to create an extra income and do the work that is necessary.  Maybe they underestimated the effort it was going to take and they have got a little disillusioned. Whatever the case is, you can’t make ’em move!

They have to meet you at the 50 yard line.

Now with that said, you can encourage and you can inspire your people and, over time, things might change. They might have a light-switch go on, but in the meantime, you want to keep them “on the range.”

You don’t want to drive them away by constantly beating them over the head with, “Hey you can do this, you need to do this.”

You can actually push people out of your team that would be happy to stay on being customers and being part of the atmosphere when it’s convenient for them and they feel like it. You can actually lose what I call a “wholesale” customer. You have to accept a reality here, a lot of your team is going to be made up of team customers or wholesale customers who are part of your team but really aren’t in it at this moment to really go kill it in the business building aspect… and if you keep pushing them to do that, (even well-meaning) you can push them right out of your team and then you lose that volume. They might be just happy being customers and being part of a community where they can participate at the level that they want to participate in, and that may not be the same level that you want to participate at.

Now, as you go and build your team and move forward, there’s a couple things to keep in mind that can help prevent people from sliding out that may have stayed in and grown…

1. Always be an inspiration to your team.

Move forward. I believe if you want your team to grow, you need to be personally in recruiting mode. Don’t rely on your team to do all the recruiting and expect a bunch of growth, you have to be setting an example of success by doing that and sharing that success with your team on social media etc.

For those people who are ‘dormant’ or ‘disengaged’:

Remember, people may not be getting back to you, but they are watching you. You might make a phone call and they might not call you back, but they are watching you.  Continue to share your enthusiasm with them on social media or whatever, invite them to an event once in a while, but don’t blow their phone up.  And don’t constantly push them to become more active.

Another thing we’ve always done is we send postcards. We even send handwritten letters, once in awhile. You don’t have to do this all the time, but everybody on our team, at some point within every six months or so when were on a trip or something like that, they get a handwritten postcard or a letter from us.  Just something simple like, “Hey, here we are, these things are great, business is booming, really appreciate you and what you do and we appreciate your business. Thanks for being a part, would love to see you around sometime,” and those little things, those little personal touches make a big difference to showing that you do care, that you have their best interest in mind regardless of where they are at right now, and gives them the opportunity to incubate, if you will.

2. Always book a meeting out of a meeting.

This is a key cardinal rule in network marketing.  A lot of times people slow down because they have a meeting, and they do something, but they don’t schedule another time for the next step. You should always be scheduling the next time. Even if the next time that’s scheduled is a phone call, something needs to be scheduled out of every touch point, out of every contact, because if there’s not a scheduled “next thing” it’s very easy for everything to fall on the back burner.  Life gets in the way, and then when that happens, enthusiasm drops, and then when enthusiasm drops, then the motivation to move forward drops and you can end up with a dormant team member that may not have been otherwise.

Don’t expect that it’s your job to constantly be bugging these people though, because if they’re not returning your call, it might be time to take that as a hint.  Otherwise you can blow out a really good team customer that could be with you for life if you just let them get what they want out of it at this time, not what you want them to get out of it.

The above post is loosely transcribed from this video:

What To Do With Disengaged Team Members

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