Is Your Business Not Working Or is it You?

Is Your Business Not Working Or is it You?

When you work really hard, you get the opportunity to spoil yourself. Like the trips we took to Hawaii, amazing experience!

This is why we build businesses.

These are the dreams that we are pursuing.

But the one thing you need to keep in mind is there is a certain amount of self-awareness that you have to have as a business owner and as an entrepreneur.

Most of us that come into network marketing, we’re coming in obviously from a traditional job background where we’re working for somebody else, somebody’s giving us orders.

Most of us are used to being given instructions and you carry out the instructions and you get a cookie at the end of the day in the form of a paycheck. As long as you carry out the instructions, then you get the reward, like Pavlov’s dog.

It is what it is, whatever, but when we get into a business like this, what happens is you don’t have that the same way. You have to be self-aware. You have to be aware of what you’re actually doing and what you’re not.

Find Your Balance

There is a balance.

Here’s what I see some people do. They get into a business like this. They have a certain set of instructions that they’ve gotten from their team leader and they’re continually beating their head against the wall and they’re not getting results or they just keep trying to do the same thing over and over and over again.

Or they keep changing up, like, they’ve done one thing, they did that for a little bit, it didn’t work, and so now they’re trying something else. Now they’re coming up with a different idea. Now they’ve got another training program, and now they’ve got another way to get leads and prospects. They’re jumping around from one thing to the other all the time.

Find your balance, focus on one thing at a time.

Work it…

Here’s the thing. Remember this.

This is an old quote. “Everything works if you work it, and nothing works if you don’t.”

That’s the simple reality

I’ve been guilty of jumping around and trying a bunch of stuff. Getting so lost that you end up being the person pounding your head against a wall and becoming so frustrated that you eventually think, “Oh well screw this”.

Here’s what I want you to understand. The self-awareness part comes down to this. Before you evaluate whether or not something is working or a strategy or a tactic or an approach to building your business is working, you have to be, number one, completely honest with yourself and say, “Am I working?”

Are you doing the necessary intensity and level and consistency of work?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the time, it’s not that what you’re doing that doesn’t work, it’s that you’re probably just not doing enough of it or you haven’t been doing it consistently long enough to gain traction, momentum, and expertise in the skill set necessary for that approach to business to get the result you’re after.

It doesn’t matter how sharp or how impressive you are or even how good you are. If you’re trying, doing something new, there’s going to be a learning curve and there’s going to be a mastery curve to where you get good at it.

Even if once you get good at it, in most strategies, approaches, and techniques of building a business, it takes some time to build momentum.

Because nothing worthwhile was ever easy

Get Focused on the Right Stuff

I see too many people that are getting started in their business, they get fired up and they’re implementing, they’re talking to people and traditional co-market prospecting, picking up the phone, working leads lists, trying to do video marketing, whatever it is that they’re trying to do.

Then they do it for two or three weeks or maybe a month tops with a sort of level of consistency, just starting to understand the process, and then they start to think, “Well, I’m not sure if this is working.” That doubt starts to set in.

When that doubt starts to set in, your work level goes down automatically. You’re not doing it as consistently as you were or with the proper level of intensity, which means you’re definitely not going to get the result, and now you’ve convinced yourself that it doesn’t work.

I’m not saying that you should just continually blindly pound your face against the wall either, but here’s the thing. Be self-aware and honest with yourself. Have you really worked your strategy with the proper level of intensity over an extended period of time?

What’s the proper level of intensity? If you have to ask yourself if you’re working hard enough, if there’s any doubt in your mind as to whether or not you’re doing enough or consistent enough, then chances are, you’re not.

You don’t want to compare yourself to others in terms of their success or results, but I do think it is not a bad idea to compare yourself to others who are growing and actively getting results in their business as far as the amount of work you see them doing, especially if you’re doing marketing or social media strategy or whatever. That’s easy to evaluate.

Look at others.

Look at leaders.

Look at those who are getting results.

How often are they posting?

How often are they showing presentations?

How often are they doing video?

How many calls are they making?

You can know those things. If you’re doing less than what they’re doing, you’re probably going to get less results than they get.

This seems like common sense stuff, but we play head games with ourselves all the time because if it doesn’t work, then we can justify the fact that we’re not working.

Give it all you got

If you’ve got questions about this, if you’re not sure what you need to do next, chances are you need to turn the throttle up.

If you’re finding yourself having a hard time getting up to that level of speed or work or intensity in your business, you’re finding yourself constantly pushing up against that resistance, first of all, understand this.

Number one, it’s natural. There’s going to be resistance. Deal with it. Fight through it. Develop that muscle, that reaction that when you feel that resistance that that’s a sign to you to not back off, but to push over, to be that much more intense.

When I say intense, I don’t mean freaky nuts. I mean just that much more commitment to doing the work consistently, to getting it done.

It should be that much more of a drive for you to do what you know you need to do. That’s really it. The difference between success and failure is usually not how smart somebody is and it’s not whether they had a better strategy.

A lot of marketers and a lot of gurus out there, are some that would leave you to believe or want you to believe that it’s always that they’ve got the secret sauce. Whatever they’ve got, maybe it works, but the fact is I see a lot of people, bouncing around from one strategy to the next, and none of them are working for them because they’re not sold out to any of them and they’re not sold out to themselves and they are not truly sold out to what they want and why they’re doing this thing and the vision of what they’ve got that’s going to push them past that resistance, that’s going to help pull you through that phase and that process of learning.

Get committed

I’m going to tell you right now, it’s going to be three to six months minimum to learn to develop the skill necessary and get good at whatever strategy you’re implementing in your business.

Three to six months commitment. That’s just what it takes to get good at it, to start gaining some momentum. Sure, you hear the stories of people and how good they get in the business, they get into network marketing business and boom instant success. It is never instant!

I don’t care what kind of business. They get in business and all of a sudden, poof, they’re like toast out of a toaster and they’re hugely successful in just a matter of a short period of time. “Hey, I made a six-figure or seven-figure earner in twelve to eighteen months.”

You know what? That’s a unicorn

It doesn’t happen very often. Those unicorns are the back story you don’t know, a lot of the time is the skill set they brought to the table when they showed up, the work and the momentum they had in their lives, and the circle of influence and the mojo they had when they showed up.

That plays into it. Those unicorns, they don’t happen because of how great the system was or how great any particular thing was. Those unicorns happen because of what they brought into the system and their own personal skill, business acumen, circle of influence, self-discipline.

All those things that they had prior to starting their business here played a role, a huge role, in how fast they were able to grow, but the majority of people who come into a new business, a new home business, it’s like bumper bowling.

Take time to learn and focus

You’re going to learn the process and you’re going to have to learn to get some skills and you’re going to have to learn to become self-aware, but if you constantly are mentally getting in and getting out and starting and stopping and starting and stopping, you’re constantly going back to the starting line, it’s going to take longer.

Until you make that decision that you’re going to just stay at it, until you succeed and you’re not going to back off at all, you’re not going to look over, you’re rubbernecking over your shoulder looking for results every week, you’re going to go.

When you make that final decision that that’s what’s going to happen, you will learn the skills, you will overcome the challenges, you will start to develop some mindset, and you will become a little self-aware of why or where you’re getting results or where you’re not and you can perfect and refine and go that much faster.

I hope this makes sense to you, if you focus your fears, you can ultimately conquer them.

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