How I Got 10 New Customers In 2 Weeks From My “Burnt” Market

Now before you say, “10 customers in 2 weeks isn’t that big of a deal,” let me ask you:

How many new, solid, on auto-ship customers do you think the average network marketer develops in 2 weeks? Especially someone who’s already talked to their entire warm market, and is floundering, trying to find new leads they can run the same pitch by?

Yeah… I thought so.

For the vast majority of reps, 10 new customers in a month would be a game-changer, let alone 2 weeks!

Through the years during my career in the network marketing industry, I’ve seen rep after rep flounder around, not making money, and struggling just to get their business off the ground.  I’ve seen countless “distributors” focus almost solely on recruiting, and never really develop a customer base for their product.

You’ve probably seen it too…

The guy that jumps all over people about how great his opportunity is, trying to convince others to do it, but hasn’t made a dime profit at it.

Or the gal with a few people on her team who’s wondering why none of them are making any sales creating any volume, when she herself has, at best, one or two customers and low volume.

in business or social clubLet’s not forget, that any legitimate (and legal) network marketing company relies on product being sold for anyone to make money.  We can recruit until we’re blue in the face, but unless we have a solid strategy for developing customers and creating sales volume within our individual distributorships, we’re just creating an underpaid social club.

So a few weeks ago, I decided to test a simple way that my team could generate more sales and create volume quickly, even if everyone they knew had already heard about the opportunity.

I expected I’d get some decent results…

What’s happened so far has astonished me.

Out of 12 people I approached over the last couple weeks, 10 of them have become customers.  You read that right… 10 out of 12!

What’s crazy is, only a few of those did I call specifically to share my offer with them.  The rest were friends that I had other reasons to see or talk to, and just shared the offer with them as part of the conversation.  Now, this coming week I’ll be making some more dedicated phone calls to extend the offer, but so far, this has been like falling off a log… and you can do it too.

Here’s What I Did:

I chose one, solidly profitable product, that I personally love and had a solid testimony for to create an offer for.  There’s three points in that statement that are hugely important, so I’ll say them again…

  1. If you have multiple products available to you, choose one (and only one) to promote.  If you present too many options to prospective customers, they get confused.  And confused people don’t buy.  Promote one product, get the customer.   You can up-sell and cross-sell later.
  2. Choose a product that has a good profit margin, and preferably, needs to be re-purchased regularly.  Don’t choose a “teaser” or “sample” item.  Go big or go home.
  3. Choose a product that you love and have a great personal testimony for.  It’s your personal testimony that interests people in the product, not the product facts or details.  People only care about what the product does for them, not what it is.

Once you’ve picked the product you’re going to promote, you’re ready to craft your offer.

Notice I said “craft your offer” not “sell your product.”

Like the Godfather said, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Well, it’s sorta like that… without the risk of bodily harm.

Look, too many networkers approach selling as simply a “here, buy my stuff because you’re my friend” kind of proposition.  Bad idea.  It makes your friends & relatives uncomfortable, makes them feel they need to buy out of obligation, or worse yet, pisses them off because you’ve put them in the awkward situation of having to tell you, “no, I’m not interested in your stuff.”

Your offer on the other hand, isn’t about selling them the product.  It’s about creating the opportunity for them to try, test, or demo the product, in as much of a risk-free way as possible.

Think about it:  Every advertisement you’ll ever see from every other retail business is framed as an offer.  There’s something special about it that compels you to take action to make your purchase.

“Buy 1, Get 1 Free”

“15% off until Friday”

You get the idea…

In network marketing, we often need to be a little more creative than traditional retail, so here’s a few tips.

If your company offers a great satisfaction guarantee on your product, one that allows you to return unused portions (or even an empty container) of  your product for a refund if the customer didn’t like it, crafting a risk-free offer is easy… because it’s actually risk-free!

If your company doesn’t offer a return policy like that, do you have a margin available to you between your cost and retail?  Offer a discount for friends to try the product.

The point is, you want to extend a special offer to your friends & relatives.  It makes them feel special and appreciated, and that you’re not just trying to sell them stuff, but truly are looking for their feedback and opinion on the product.

And that brings us to my next point:

Tell them you’re looking for case studies and testimonials on the product.  You’re extending this special offer only to people you know you can trust to give the product an honest go, and give you honest feedback.

Watch this video to hear how I crafted the offer I presented to my not-interested-in-my-business friends:

There’s certainly more than one way to skin a cat, and the offer you craft may depend on the kind of product you have, the guarantees your company offers on the product, available profit margins, etc.  But to rehash, here’s some of the key points in executing a good warm-market offer:

  1. Reassure them that you’re not trying to pitch them the opportunity.  You know it’s not a fit for them, but you think they might like the product.
  2. Have something special and exclusive about your offer.  Satisfaction guarantee, free demo, discounts, incentives, etc.
  3. Let them know that you’re extending your offer only to people you know you can trust to follow through and give you some good feedback.
  4. Have and share a brief, compelling personal testimonial about the product.
  5. Follow through periodically with your customer while they’re trying the product.  Get feedback.

Now,  here’s something a little extra that will happen when you do this…

Of the 10 new customers, 2 of them have already started saying things like:

“If I had 5 customers using this, how much money would I make?”

“I’m using a product like that already, but if I could have something I could share with others and maybe make a little money, that’d be awesome.”

Do you think I’m probably going to recruit some of these folks?  You bet I will!  But, I’m not jumping all over it like a crazy spider-monkey.  I’m letting them experience the product… that’s what I promised them.  And if they want to become a rep, I’ll help them do that in a casual and low-key way.

My offer to you:

If you want to try something like this, but aren’t sure what kind of offer you could or should present, send me an email and I’ll help you craft an offer that even your most burnt-out, not-interested-in-your-business market can’t refuse.  Seriously.

I’ll need to know:

  1. What your product is.
  2. Why you love it.
  3. What your cost vs. retail price is.
  4. If you company offers a satisfaction guarantee, what are the details on that.
  5. If your company has an auto-ship / auto-bill program available for your customers.

Go forth, be awesome, and be the example for the team you’re building!


About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.