How to Convert your Leads in to Connections That Love You

How to Convert your Leads in to Connections That Love You

I want to share with you, my favorite thing to say kicking off a meeting with a prospect and creating quality connections.

One fellow, in particular was asking specifically because he’s on the Facebook training, and he is getting together with some prospects that he’s been successfully building connections and starting conversations with through Facebook.

Now that he has prospects interested from conversations on Facebook, his next step is to take it to a phone call, and then to a face-to-face meeting. But in his case, the prospects aren’t local. So, he was asking, ‘If they’re not local and you can’t get face-to-face with them, what’s your first step?’
Simply put, the first step is to build rapport and build relationships.

There are two different mentalities when it comes to prospecting

One is to go through as many numbers as you possibly can, as fast as you can, and see which one sticks. That’s good, but what I prefer personally, and what works better in my experience, is taking the time to develop a bit of a relationship with that person, you know like a connection!

Connect with that person. Don’t just treat them like a number, because everybody treats them like a number, treat them like they matter and they are important to you. You will stand out if you take just that little extra effort to connect with that individual.

Now, does that mean you’re going to be able to go through less numbers? Maybe, but from my experience, most people don’t go through enough numbers (not even close to enough numbers) to get the “numbers game” working for them anyway. The more connections you make, the more exposure you get.

You can go through a lot of numbers, taking five minutes with each one if there’s a connection and you’ll know within 30 seconds if there’s a connection and if not, you should just move on. Don’t be so quick to jump into your pitch or your presentation. And that’s the point of this blog today.

My favorite way to start off a meeting

Typically, I’ve had some kind of conversation with this person, whether I’ve called the prospect, I met them on Facebook and started a conversation chat back and forth, whatever the case is.

At some point, of course, we ask a question that, however you phrase it, comes down to, typically, are you open?

Are you open to creating ways of making extra money?

Are you open to an opportunity to make some additional income if it wouldn’t interfere with what you are already doing, and we could help you step-by-step and show you how it’s done?

However you want to do it, the question is “Are you open?”

When the answer is “yes,” my favorite next step is not to just send them to a video, or a presentation. But whilst marketing yourself, build a relationship at the same time. People like talking to people that they are comfortable with and that have set them at ease upon introduction.

That’s the easy way.

You can do that, but you’re going to run a lot more numbers, and you’re not making that connection. That’s a cop-out, in my personal opinion, and it‘s lazy.

Develop a little bit of skill; develop a little bit of relatability. Get over your fear, because the worst they can do is say no and laugh at you.

I was the kid in high school that got literally thrown into a trashcan headfirst by the senior class in my freshman year. I was 95 pounds and 4’11” when I started high school. I know exactly what rejection feels like and I really don’t care. You can’t hurt me nowadays. (Be resilient to rejection and you will surpass your own expectations.)

You need to get to that point.

Get out of your own skin and get out of your own head and be willing to have those conversations. Make your comfort zone a no-go zone.
If I’m on a Skype or we’re face-to-face, after a little bit of small talk or friendliness or whatever, here’s how I kick off ‘the meeting’.

Here’s how I “transition,” and this is the part where it gets awkward sometimes…

How I “transition” is a very simple question: 

”So, what’s going on in your life right now that has you open to this kind of opportunity, or has you open to doing something more?”

Then, I shut up and I let them do all the talking.
After they’re done talking, my very next thing might be, “Well, why did you say that? Tell me more. What do you mean?”

Even if you think you understand what they meant, ask them, “What do you mean? Tell me more.” You want to get that person talking as much as you can.

Understand? The first meeting especially, with a person is not about you, it’s not about your thing, it’s not about you pitching them. It’s about them!

It’s about them and what they want

The more that you can get them talking about what they want, the more you will learn about them, the more of a connection you will make with them, the more of a friend you will make out of that person in a very short period of time.

If you’re paying attention and truly listening and truly being interested, you will learn what it is that they want, that you can connect your opportunity or product to.

That is what will sponsor them

That is what will recruit them: It is not how great you think your opportunity is, or how great your wiz-bang product is. It’s the BENEFIT of that opportunity to them specifically. If you can make that connection, you’ve got a new team member. If you do not make that connection, you probably don’t have a new team member, and they’re going to move along and look for something else.
Understand? My favorite thing is questions and keeping it super simple.

My favorite question to start it off with is, “What’s going on in your life right now that has you open to be talking to me right now?” I love these questions.

This is how I start every single meeting, every single Skype when it’s a brand-new prospect, and I do encourage you to take that step.

If you don’t end up showing a presentation at all in that first interview, or even talking to them about your opportunity a whole lot, and all you do is you develop rapport, you ask questions, they start telling you their life story and what they want and why they’re looking and why they’re excited to learn more about what you’re doing and you just let them talk…

That’s awesome. Right?

If you get into a presentation, great. If you don’t, that’s fine

You can always send them to a link and let them watch the video at that point.

“Well, great, here, check this video out. We’ve been talking. This has been great. I know we haven’t really gotten into too much about what we’re doing, and I’m kind of out of time, but here’s what we can do. Let me send you a link. Now that I know that you’re serious and I understand kind of where you’re coming from, I do think this is going to be a great fit. Let me do this. Why don’t you watch … I’ve got a link I can send you? You can watch a short video. It’ll give you some of the nitty-gritty; 30,000-foot view of what we’re doing. Then, that way we’re on the same page. Let’s get back together on another Skype, and I can answer some questions. We can get into some details and take the next steps. Sound fair enough?”


Let the video do the work for you as far as the heavy lifting of showing the presentation. Your job is to connect.

People join people, not opportunities and not products.

Help them connect to you. They’ll join you before they join your “thing.” Then, you’re going to have a lot more success and make a lot more connections.

You’ll find you won’t have to run as many numbers. You’ll find more quality that way. You’ll develop more quality in your team, and that will develop the kind of energy, the synergy, the “mojo,” if you will, that you’re looking for in your tribe and in the team that you’re looking to build. That’s what builds momentum.

Take Away Points

You could have the best product or service in the world but if you can’t build relationships with people you will not be successful for long.

People invest in people they trust and have built connections with.

So from the get go you spend time getting to know the person and how you can benefit them and not how you can benefit.

If you try and be salesy, talk about yourself and tell them about how much you earn, they will stop listening, guaranteed.

Make it your mission to build a rapport and make genuine connections with people.

Hope this helps you. Pass it on and share it if it did. Rock and roll. Have a killer day.

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