Hype Vs. Enthusiasm

Both inside and outside of the network marketing profession, a lot of folks complain about the “hype” they see at our business meetings and conferences.  And, at some conferences I’ve been to, I get it.  It’s overdone.  But, before you totally go off the deep end against the “hype,” understand that there’s a difference between “hype” and sincere enthusiasm and excitement.  Granted, there is a very fine line, but it’s an important one.

“Hype” is exaggerating the facts at best, or completely unsubstantiated at worst.  “Hype” is when you make things up about your financial status, or exaggerate the rewards of the program.  I agree… “hype” is B.S.

Enthusiasm, on the other hand, may look the same as hype, but it’s more honest.  It’s what happens when an individual or group of people truly believe in their cause.  And it’s magnetic… which is what scares the doubters.

Think of the last sporting event you attended (or watched on TV.)  I mean, people paint themselves up, start riots, and do all kinds of crazy things over their favorite sports team.  And when their team wins, those fans don’t even get anything from it except gratification!  At least at your business events, when you win, you actually win!

The truth is, most of the people I see complaining regularly about the “hype” are people who aren’t succeeding, and they’re probably on the edge of quitting.  Because of their lack of success, they’ve become negative, whether they like to admit it or not.  Once that switch flips, they start looking for all the things they don’t like about their business or team, rather than the things they do.  You’re like a Democrat at the Republican convention (or the other way around…whatever suits you)… lots of excitement going on, and all of it is annoying to you.

You have to snap out of it.

You have to allow yourself to get a little excited.  To share your enthusiasm.  To let the atmosphere of your events permeate you a bit, and break down the walls of doubt and negativity so, just maybe, you can start to think a little bigger.  To believe a little more…  and then back it by taking action on a solid plan with practical strategies.

See, what annoys people (on the outside of our industry, especially) is when we’re “all show, and no go.”  If you’re going to get excited, you better DO something with that excitement.  If we’re just going from event to event, getting all fired up each time, then coming home and nothing changes… maybe you are addicted to hype.  But, if you take that energy and focus it in to real work and action, and sustain that enthusiasm through the process, that’s what will cause your business to grow.

People don’t join logic.  People join excitement.

As much as some people want to criticize the “hype”, the reality is, people don’t join logic.  People join excitement.  People join a vision; a dream, and your commitment to it.  Of course, you need to share and implement a real plan of action, but it’s your enthusiasm that causes them to initially believe, not the logic of the business plan.  It’s your encouragement of what is possible for them, what they can achieve in this business, and your willingness to help them that recruits people, not the details of the compensation plan.  That’s just reality… it’s how people work.

Knowing that, we have a choice:  Are we going to use these powers for good or for evil?  Are we sincerely going to share real, substantiated excitement without exaggerating the rewards?  Or are we going to talk about how “easy” it is, and how “fast” we’re going to become millionaires?

The problem is NOT the “hype”… the problem is liars.

It’s your choice.

About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.