Internet Recruiting Strategies That WORK

I just wrapped up a conference where today’s top marketers were sharing their best internet recruiting strategies that are working right now in their businesses.  We also discussed internet marketing trends for the foreseeable future…

The bottom line:  It’s all about content and value.

Gone are the days of when the best internet marketing companies could just write a good headline, demand and email address, and gain access to leads and customers.  If you’re new to the internet marketing world and not sure what I mean, here’s an example:

internet recruiting strategies

This is a classic capture page.  And, believe it or not, for years this was all you needed to grab leads, drive them into a well-written sales funnel, and make money online.

But this internet recruiting strategy is dying.  Fast.

People expect more.  They demand more.  And those who can deliver compelling content that truly is of value to them will win.  

Every time.

Check out the video below, and if this has helped you, please feel free to share and comment.

The Best Internet Marketing Strategies for 2015

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Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.