How to Lose a Prospect Forever

How to Lose a Prospect Forever

The Insanity of Getting Mad At Your Prospect

Something happened to me yesterday that has been an ongoing kind of thing that I think will help a lot of people in our industry or any business.

This is particularly for anyone in sales, business owners, or if you’re in the Networking business and deal with prospects and customers.

Don’t get mad at your prospect or your customer because they’re not buying from you right now. It’s misdirected anger, you’re frustrated because you’re not sure how to communicate the value of what you’ve got to sell.

You get mad at the customer because they don’t want to buy from you, but who’s to say they won’t want to in the future?

Don’t take things personally.

If you have a relationship with prospective clients, friend, relative or acquaintance, don’t take it personally if they choose not to buy from you. Even if they choose to buy a similar product from someone else.

Ask yourself:

“Why would they not have bought from me?

Is it my service?

Is it my pricing?

Is it my approach?

Is it that they don’t actually really trust me in business?” 

You can’t get mad at the potential customer if they choose not to buy from you. That is a waste of energy and totally inappropriate.

The only thing you can do with that frustration or irritation is to evaluate your offer.

Is the offer great?

Is what you’re providing superior?

Is your product or service a competitive price? For the same, if not better quality?

Could it have been presented better?

Was your timing off?

There’s a million things that it could be why they chose not to buy from you.

People don’t owe you favors

Maybe they just weren’t interested in what you’re selling. Don’t obligate people to buy from you just because they’re a friend or you have a relationship with them. It’s not a good reason and not a core foundation for a business.

Don’t expect a person you know to ‘do you a favor,’ simply because you know them, that’s not how it works.

Close friends who are worth having as friends, may give you a shot, but these are few and far between. The majority of other friends are more like acquaintances, who won’t trust you implicitly and go along with you regardless of what you are offering or trying to sell.

Listen to your customer’s needs

This example is outside of our network marketing industry but I think gets the point across.

I’ve known this guy for a long time. We’re acquaintances more than friends.

A few years back, he was offering a service because he’s in business for himself. I listened to what he had to say, and what he had to offer.

For what I wanted, It was more money than I was willing to spend. I could get what I wanted for roughly 16% of the price of what he was offering. Nothing wrong with his product. He had a great product, and what he was offering me was more product than what I needed to fill my need.

Let me just clarify.

It wasn’t that he had a bad product or it was overpriced. I said it was more than what I needed at that time, so I didn’t buy from him.

Time moves on and I bumped into him at a social engagement. He was so angry with me because I didn’t buy from him, telling me how great his product was and how stupid I was to not buy from him.

I tried to explain to him that it was nothing to do with his product, his product just wasn’t right for my specific needs.

He took personal offense to that, and the amount of grief he gave me made me vow to never use him again for any service or product I was looking for, not ever.

The same thing happened with another guy, I did an addition to my house. I hired a contractor, who brought in sub-contractors to quote. (one was a guy I know) The guy I hired then chose the other contractor to work with. It wasn’t my call, that’s why you hire a general contractor, to take the stress out of it.

The guy I know, I heard was then pissed at me because I did not hire him to do work on my house. Guess what? Never hiring him again either!

Be friendly and approachable

You can’t get mad at the customer.

You can only find ways to provide more value, also to be more friendly and approachable.

Let’s face it, if you fall out with everyone that doesn’t want to use your service, news travels fast, especially negative publicity, and then no one will ever want to work with you!

The reality is, if you get mad with your prospects, you will never ever do business with them ever again. Why not redirect that frustration or energy into improving your timing, and ability to communicate what you have to offer.

Sell yourself

In network marketing, your number one product is YOU. The training, support and mentoring you offer, your personality “IS” your business. The ability to communicate, your skills in how you build your business, these are all your products.

This is what attracts people to your business, especially if you’re going to sponsor somebody, and are going to bring somebody onto your team.

Focus on improving your product and what you have to offer. Don’t get mad at people that don’t buy from you after all, you never know when they may approach you again when they are ready to make that all important purchase.

Take the positive out of a negative

We all have choices, and we should choose to take positives out of negative situations.

If someone doesn’t want to buy from you, that’s OK, ask yourself, what could I do to improve so the next person that comes along may say yes?

Don’t ruin relationships and loose friendships just because they don’t buy from you.

Remember, relationships, friendships and acquaintanceships do not preclude that they are going to do business with you. Your “offer” is what precludes that they will.

Your relationship just gives you a foot in the door and businesses are built on them.

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