5 Tips For Network Marketers About Advertising On Facebook

(…and how to stay out of the “Facebook Penalty Box”)

I had a question from Brandon the other day that I think is really going to help you guys out and I think it helped him out too with regards to Facebook ads and Facebook marketing to build your network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing business.

Brandon’s Question:

We’ve had a few accounts shut down for running ads to an MLM offer/Business op. Any suggestions as far as Facebook ads and building an MLM through Facebook ads? We we’re doing it before, generated a ton of leads and new business, but we are afraid of getting shut down again because competitors complain etc. etc. Any suggestions on this issue?

First of all, you have to understand that Facebook (and a lot of other advertising platforms) are not network marketing-friendly.  They don’t really understand what we do, and they lump us in the same category as a lot of other “scammy” operations, so you have to be very careful. In fact, they have a specific rule that says you can’t promote an MLM or “get rich quick” type of opportunity.

So how do you do it then?

How do you market your business on Facebook in a way that keeps you out of the “penalty box”?

Let me give you 5 tips that will help:

I have been running Facebook ad campaigns for a long time.  I’ve adopted these same principles, and have gotten some tremendous results advertising through Facebook, while never having an ad account shut down.

Tip #1:  Stay Away From Income Claims.  Period.

Do not even go there! Don’t touch it! That even means the pictures that you use.  Even using pictures of exotic cars, big houses, stacks of cash, or other imagery and representation of “big money” can get you in hot water.  Not to mention, it makes you look like a scammer… and unless it’s your Ferrari, you probably are.

Tip #2:  Offer REAL Value That Isn’t Directly “Pitching” Your MLM Business.

As soon as Facebook sees an MLM “pitch” in any way, you’re at risk, and at the very least, they won’t approve the advertisement.

So here’s what you do: You create a lead magnet.

Essentially, a lead magnet is value or content that might be related to network marketing, but it is not pitching a network marketing business. Maybe it’s teaching a strategy related to network marketing or maybe it could be something related to your product. This attracts people that may be open or interested, gets that lead into your wheelhouse (email list etc.), which allows you to create a conversation.  You get them on an email list or fan page, and from there, that’s where you can transition to them becoming a prospect, and you can share your product or opportunity with them.

Tip #3:  Scale!

If you are brand new to advertising on Facebook, you have to be careful how fast you throttle up your ad spend.  Start advertising slow, maybe a few dollars a day, and work up from there. For most people, this isn’t an issue because you’re starting with a small budget anyway.  However, if Facebook sees you come out of nowhere and all of the sudden you are spending, spending, spending!… If they see you turn that throttle up too much, especially if you are promoting something that borders on the edge of network marketing or MLM, Facebook might catch on to you coming out of nowhere, so be careful and scale up your advertising slowly.

Tip #4:  Natural Page Likes

This is one I learned from one of my marketing coaches.  Facebook likes to see a page that has “likes,” and posts, comments, messages, and videos that represent great engagement, outside of its advertising.  So, if you have a page that has nothing on it and very poor engagement, and you are trying to push a bunch of advertising and marketing that is somehow related to our industry, then you can expect Facebook to put up some red flags.

I recommend that you start a Likes Campaign.  How to set that up, and target the campaign to get the most likes for the least cost is for another training, but if you’re interesting in talking about how to set up something like that, contact me on social media, or through the blog here.

The point is:  You want Facebook to see you as a valued, committed, contributing member of the Facebook community.  The more that’s true, the the less likely you are to get shut down or banned if you push the envelope or you just make a mistake.

Tip #5:  Just Because “They’re” Getting Away With It Doesn’t Mean You Will

You may have seen, as I see, advertisements that break some of the rules I just shared with you. They make big income claims, or seem to directly promote a network marketing opportunity and break the principles.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind:   99% of the time, that is somebody who is well-established and who is spending a lot of money advertising. A LOT OF MONEY.

They have scaled over time and have a great following with a lot of engagement.  They may even be using an advertisement agency to help them.  Some of these agencies are really good at getting in and around the rules a bit.  Beyond that,  we all know there’s power and influence in volume.  I can only speculate as to Facebook’s policies when it comes to their major advertisers, but I suspect it doesn’t hurt to have a multi-million dollar a month agency ad spend when your ad goes through the review process. ;-)

So, don’t think just because you saw somebody put an income claim in their advertisement, for example, that you can do it, too.  Be careful.

The above post is loosely transcribed from this video:

5 Tips For Network Marketers – Advertising On Facebook

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Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.