Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online: A Reality Check


If you’re serious about your business, and you’re paying attention at all to the online world, at least one of these questions is (or has) probably fired off in your head:

So, what’s the best way to take my network marketing business online?

Should I bother still doing the “traditional” way of network marketing?

Do I follow what my upline is telling me and do and work my warm market, talk to people, and prospect?

Do I do all this fancy online marketing I’m hearing about?

Should I invest in internet marketing and give up on traditional network marketing?

First of all, I’m going to encourage you to definitely follow what your upline is teaching you in terms of the traditional face-to-face, prospecting, and active recruiting method of building network marketing that is zero cost to you.

Definitely learn traditional network marketing skills.

Yes, that includes talking to friends and family.  Shocker.

**Disclaimer:  Use common sense, which is unfortunately, entirely too uncommon in this industry.  Check for openness, and if they’re not open, leave them alone.  If you hunt down your friends and family, constantly bugging them about your deal like a starving dog every time you see them (or every other post you do on social media is a pitch for your stuff), I have no sympathy for you.

And, it includes cold-market prospecting.

Here’s Reason #1:  

The skills you’ll develop doing these traditional strategies are going to help you immensely in business and life, regardless of whether your business online or offline.  


Because it’s about skill with people.  And if you don’t have skill with people, you’re potential will be dramatically limited.  Period.

Later in this post, we’ll talk about Reason #2 and #3, so keep going…

In ADDITION:  It’s a good idea to learn some internet marketing.

It’s a good idea to learn how to attract people to you by putting out valuable content online, and by promoting that content through advertising.  If done correctly, you can create an additional profit center for yourself while simultaneously expanding your reach to a huge pool of qualified, ready-to-buy prospects… far beyond what you can do with traditional network marketing strategies.

This can sound so attractive, you may wonder why to bother doing any “prospecting” at all.  And, there’s plenty of people online promoting one “turn key” lead system or another for network marketers suggesting exactly that.

But, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!  Don’t abandon everything you’ve already learned about traditional network marketing.

Here’s why I say that.

Online marketing takes time and money.

That’s the reality.  It takes time and money to learn the skills, and gain some traction in online marketing.

Now we all have heard of stories of, “This guy had nothing, formed an email list or social following out of nothing, and then made an offer and made thousands of dollars.”  You’ll hear that “rags to riches” story all over the place, because that’s the hook.

And it’s not just in the internet marketing world.  You hear that story about everything….  

  • Somebody made billions in 2-years with their IPO.
  • Some 20-year old athlete just got a multi-million dollar contract.
  • Somebody in your network marketing company got in a months ago and is already rank advancing way past you.

That story is true in certain cases, but it’s the exception, not the rule.  AND… you don’t know the situation or the WORK that went in for that “miracle” to happen.

Normally, it takes time and money to build momentum and a brand online that people trust that they will buy from.  It’s not an overnight thing.

Behind closed doors, I’ve heard this truth from even the best network and internet marketers:

I’ve had the opportunity to be in private sessions and VIP meetings with some of the biggest names in the internet-world of network marketing.  Guys like Ray Higdon, Ferny Ceballos, Tyson Zahner, and many more…  and they ALL told me it took them a minimum 6-12 months, to even get to the first quality leads and sales in their online marketing efforts.

Now, with the right training, a great system, and consistent work, you can shorten the curve… significantly… to those first leads and sales.  In fact, I was generating leads and sales online within my first week.  BUT, it has taken months of consistent effort to gain real traction and consistent results.

You know… the kind of results like daily sales, and prospects reaching out to me to see what my opportunity is about, and if I’d be willing to coach them.  (<– I thought this sounded too good to be true too, but it does happen.)

Not one or the other:  Both.

So here’s Reason #2 to continue doing “old school” stuff while you’re developing the internet marketing side of your business:

Prospecting, traditional recruiting, and actually going out there and engaging and meeting people is something you can do and act on right now and gain… today.

You can go out and get it!

Reason #3:  Anybody can do it.

They may not have the skillset right out of the gate, or they may not have the personality right away, but it can be developed.  And often, developed a lot quicker and cheaper than learning internet marketing skills.

Here’s the reality:  Even if you have a bunch of resources that you can throw into advertising, and you feel you are “too cool” to go out and do the traditional network marketing and prospecting, you are going to end up recruiting a lot of people who aren’t “that cool.” You’re going to recruit people who won’t have those kinds of resources, and will already be working 50-70 hours a week and don’t have the extra money to spend on internet marketing right out of the gate. They will first need to make some money with their business that then they can reinvest in internet marketing if they choose!

Because of that, if you want to be able to lead a big team and a diverse team, and the majority of people who get into network marketing who need to make some money right away… It makes a lot of sense for you to learn those basic skills.

Whether you “like it” or not is irrelevant.

Learn the skills, execute on them and get good at it.

That way you can teach your team members who don’t have the resources right now to be able to get involved in online marketing and wait and work that 6-12 months for their momentum online to build up.

If you need to make money now and want your business to start growing now, you need to do the traditional stuff.

You need to cold market prospect, and work the warm market list.

Then, in addition to that, learn some internet marketing.  Do both.  It’s a smart move, if you want to be big player in this industry.

(The above post is loosely transcribed from this video:)

Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online – A Reality Check

About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.