Network Marketing Success: Old School, New School and Lazy Marketers

Network Marketing Success: Old School, New School, and Lazy Marketing

In this industry right now there’s a lot of talk about old school versus new school when it comes to marketing and growing your business. The thing is usually when people are talking about new school, they’re talking about the idea of internet marketing, running some ads, or capture pages, or fancy webinars or whatever to be able to convince people to sign up with you, and then they think they’re just going to sit back and watch the money roll in.

They don’t want to pick up the phone, they don’t want to go and actually help those people on the ground.

And if that’s how you think and that’s how you think you’re going to grow your business, then you bet your ass I’m old school.

The reality is that stuff doesn’t work long term. Look, I’ve met person after person, leader after leader who’s attempted to build their businesses that way, and they may have recruited a lot of people, but it disappeared as fast as they built it. That’s the reason we have turn over like crazy in some organizations:  Because people don’t invest in people, and if they don’t invest in people, they don’t stick.

Most people getting into network marketing aren’t entrepreneurs. There’s a growing process and there’s a mentoring process where you need to develop that relationship, and if you’re not willing to pick up the phone, if you’re not willing to go to their house, if you’re not willing to help them you don’t deserve them in the first place.

When most people when they say “old school,” they mean “hard work” that they’re not willing to do, and they think new school is the easy button.

Of course having good marketing in place is a good thing. If you’re providing value, and attracting people to you, and doing the right thing, that’s a good thing.   You can make some sells and recruit some people that way, but if you’re just trying to sit back and slide up hill and make the sale, and then never pick up the phone, never really help those people, and never really go on the front lines and go to battle for them you don’t deserve to recruit them in the first place, and frankly you’re part of the problem.  You’re the reason we have so much turnover.

A lot of people on the outside think this business is all about “getting somebody” and “getting your sales force to go sell for you.”  That’s what people say, and it’s totally wrong.

The way this business works is you go to work for your downline. You go to work way more for your down line then they will in the beginning, and you invest in them.

You grow the person who grows the business and that’s how you qualify for the ongoing income part.

It’s a long term strategy and if you’re not willing to do that you don’t deserve it.

About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.