The #1 Truth About Overcoming Objections

There’s a simple truth about overcoming objections that a lot of people don’t want to talk about.  Frankly, I think it’s because this bottom-line requirement is much more difficult to teach than just a simple “if they say this, then you say this” approach.  However, this one thing is the single most powerful asset you can have in your “bag of tricks” to overcome objections in prospecting, recruiting, dealing with negative family members… really, in any area of your life you are facing adversity.

I shot this Facebook Live video in Virginia when I was there for a big team event.  Check it out, because I think the video might be more impactful for you than just these typed words to help you understand this:

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The reality is, you can have every fancy script in the world, all the one-liners you want, you can be as prepared as you think you are or want to be,

…but it comes down to the biggest objection killer you have.

The scripts, all that stuff doesn’t matter unless you have this thing.

The one thing is BELIEF.

You have heard this a million times, I’m sure, and it sounds cliche. I get it… really.  When I was struggling and my upline would tell me this, I absolutely hated it.  It pissed me off.

I’d think things like, “I believe, dammit!  If I didn’t believe why would I even be trying?!”

But, when we’re honest with ourselves… deep in our core… we’re still doubting.

The classic scene from Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back” absolutely nails what I’m talking about there.  Luke Skywalker struggles using “the force” to lift his X-Wing starfighter out of the bog.  “I can’t… it’s too big,” he says.  His mentor, Yoda, then proceeds to demonstrate that it’s NOT too big, and with relative ease, guides the X-Wing out of the bog and on to solid ground.  Stunned at this feat, Luke says to Yoda, “I don’t believe it!”…

And what does Yoda say?

That is why you fail.”

You’ve got to really and truly believe in what you are doing. Because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter what you say, it doesn’t matter what your one-liners are, and it doesn’t matter that you have fancy ‘overcoming objections’ scripts.

Luke failed, not because he didn’t have the ability.  He failed because he didn’t believe he did.  He didn’t truly believe it was possible.

If you don’t really believe in what you are doing and where you are going, your prospects are going to smell it, they are going to know it. Whether it be through social media, or texting and messaging, they are going to pick it up and know that you are not really ‘all in’ that you don’t really believe in your business and your future. They are going to pick up that you are not really sure yourself.

You’ve got to get that right.

It comes down to your confidence and belief.  Everything else depends on it.

About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.