Personal Change In Your Life – How To Create It And Keep It

Have you ever felt like no matter how much “positive” you put in your mind, whether through reading, audio, training, self-talk, or whatever… That you’re still not creating personal change?  That you’re still not getting any lasting results?

This story might help explain why…

We have a large wooded area on our property here in Ohio.  I love to walk the paths, especially this time of year when the air is cool and moist and everything is just starting to grow and bloom.

Two years ago, a forester came to our property to advise us on how to help our woods become more lush and pristine.  Now, you may not give a rip about plants and trees and all that tree-hugger stuff, but what he shared with me was not only a huge help toward woods maintenance, but there was a special lesson in it that I know you’ll connect with.

personal changeThis is a patch of trillium growing in our woods.  Kinda purty, huh?  Some of you may know, trillium is a native flower in our area which is endangered.  We’ve lived here for around 15 years now, and I’ve never seen it growing in our woods until this year.  I’m a bit of an outdoors-type, and having seen trillium patches growing in other, more pristine woods to the north of us before, and always wanted to have them here.

A quick history lesson:  200 years ago, 85% of Ohio’s landscape was forest.  100 years after that, only about 7% was left due to agriculture and industry.  So, most of the woods here (including mine) are relatively “new” growth.  When these new trees started growing, there were vines in the fields that grew up with the tree.

The vines don’t scale trees, they grow up WITH them.

The problem is, the foliage on the vines choke a portion of light to the forest floor, preventing the native plants (like trillium) from growing, and encouraging invasive species like multi-flora rose (aka. thorn bushes).  Plants like these thorn bushes, as many of you know, are extremely resilient and difficult to get rid of.

The solution was incredibly simple.

The forester told me all that I needed to do, was cut the vines a few feet up from the root.  That’s it.

Here’s what happened:

The vines died, of course.  They stop blooming, they stop affecting the light levels, and over time, they start to fall out of the trees.  And, because the vines can’t thrive below the canopy, even the rooted remains of the plants died.

The altered light levels were no longer ideal for the thorn bushes either.  They’ve started to thin out and die off.

And, much to my delight… less than 2 years after cutting the vines… this spring, we have trillium.  Awesome!  I was absolutely amazed at how quickly the changes have begun.

I instantly saw the parallel.

How to create real, lasting personal change:

Success obviously requires deliberate effort.  But most people struggle because they haven’t addressed the root issues that constantly get in their way.  If you don’t tend your thoughts and actions AT THEIR ROOT… weeds are automatic.


The “vines” grow WITH the tree.  They CANNOT scale the tree.


If you let the “vines” grow in your mind and actions, you’ll end up with a life full of thorn bushes.


However, if you go back… and cut the “vines” out of your life, you make an atmosphere where good things can grow.  And until you cut those “vines” out, no amount of tending or planting good things will work, because you haven’t created the environment in which they can flourish.


I don’t know what your “vines” might be… but they’re almost always either unproductive habits, negative relationships, or both.


Cut your vines.  Do it today.  Then give it TIME for the changes to happen.  It’ll be quicker and more dramatic than you think!

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About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.