Recruiting On Social Media: Tips For Network Marketers

We talked a lot a few months ago about recruiting on social media, and since then, I’ve gotten a ton of feedback from many of you sharing results and some additional questions.  In this post, we’re going to cover it all, in detail… but most importantly, I want you guys to really wrap your heads around the mindset of recruiting on social media.  Once you really understand this, you’ll be able to connect to limitless prospects 24/7, without a bunch of personal rejection or spending a lot of time with people who aren’t really interested in what you have to offer.

So, if you….

  • Don’t have a blog.
  • Don’t want to learn sales funnels or complicated online marketing.
  • Don’t have a budget for advertising.
  • Want to get new prospects on your list as quickly as possible (like NOW… TODAY.)

Then, this post is for you.

First, I want to bring you the fundamentals of how to properly recruit on social media in a way that lowers resistance and raises credibility and curiosity from your prospects.

At it’s core, social media prospecting is just like face-to-face prospecting.

Recruiting Through Social Media For Network Marketers – Tip #1- It's Just Like 'Face to Face'

What you have to understand about social media recruiting is that it is no different than face to face. The fundamental principles are no different. People seem to think that it’s a different animal, and it blows their mind when I tell them how simple this actually is.  And just like in face-to-face prospecting, your first impression matters.

On social media, your personal profile is your “first impression.”

How to make a good “first impression” on social media:

Recruiting Through Social Media For Network Marketers – Tip #2 – The Right Profile

1. Get your profile set up so that you look professional.

What do I mean by that?  Simply have a picture that has GOOD LIGHTING and is CLEARLY YOU.  No pictures of your cat (or even your kids).  In a profile picture, people want to see who YOU are.

2. Have a cover page image that is appealing and representative of the lifestyle you have, or a dream you have. 

It could be a picture of you with your family and friends doing something fun. It could even be a shot of a beach. Something attractive that speaks to your vision and that speaks to who you are or who you want to become.

3. Take some time to flesh out your description.

Who you are. What you are doing.  Where you are going.  Don’t get pitchy in your description.  Keep it simple and appealing.

I would recommend not using links, especially not ones to your company’s page or video.  It’s a turn-off, not a turn-on.

If you want to learn more about getting your profile looking good, there’s a great social media recruiting training here that I recommend that not only covers this, but all the other aspects of social media prospecting and recruiting in much more depth than this post.

If you are not sure about your profile, go look at your leaders.  Look at other people, who are killing it on social media, who have a great following and are providing value.  You’ll see patterns in how their profiles look and are set up.  Adapt them for you and  your personality.

Common Question:  Do you want to have your business or opportunity on your personal page?

Recruiting Through Social Media For Network Marketers – Tip #3 – YOU Are Your Company

Believe it or not, I don’t have my company or my opportunity on anything.  If you go to my personal page you are going to see the names of companies I OWN, not ones that I’m affiliated with. Now, you may not think you “own a company,” but if you’re a network marketing representative, you do.  You might have a name for your own business, like ‘Your Name‘ Enterprises.  That’s your company name.

The fundamental principle behind this is, YOU are NOT your network marketing company, and YOUR business is not your network marketing company.

Your business is YOU and the team of people you are growing!  And if it’s only one of you right now, then fine. Guess what, every business starts with one person.  Your business is you and your company is the facilitator, the supplier, and it provides the opportunity, the product, and the compensation plan, but it is not:

  • Recruiting for you.
  • Taking care of your customers.

You do that! THAT is your business, and when you get that through your head, it becomes easier to understand why you don’t just pitch your company.

A practical reason for not mentioning your company name on social media is, people will prejudge you based on a company name, not on your content or character.  There’s LOTS of reps in your company, and you don’t want the impression the last guy left on your friends to be the impression they associate with you.

If you are in a new company, well guess what, most new companies I see are blowing up social media with spam so much that your new company image is not going to last very long.

If you are in an old company, or any company that has a track record for any amount of time, it’s going to have the good, bad and the ugly on social media and the internet. This goes for any company, in any industry.

There’s no checks and balances on the internet. People can write anything, and not be held accountable to it.

It’s human nature to believe readings consistent with whatever the reader’s first inclination is.  Most people struggle to keep a truly open mind.  At the immediate thought of something, they have a yes or no feeling, a mind of openness or a mind of skepticism. There’s a lot of reasons for that, but whatever the feelings are, it just so happens by human nature that the first things people see that justify that feeling or confirm that feeling is what tend to gravitate toward.  People look for evidence in what they feel and believe, not evidence that is necessarily true, or factual.

So, to ensure that I control the impression that people I come in contact have about me as much as possible, I promote MY brand, and you can too.

Where to find the best prospects on social media:

Recruiting Through Social Media For Network Marketers – Tip #4 – Where To Find The Best People

The best place to find people on social media, if we are talking cold market recruiting, is in places where your best candidates normally hang out.  As you know, there’s Facebook Pages, Groups, or Leaders on any social media where people will congregate, comment, and make posts about all kinds of different topics.  You want to pick a topic, group or page where your best candidate is most likely to hang out.

If we are talking about people who are open to a business or money-making idea, you could check out:

  • Personal Development Groups
  • Entrepreneurship Groups
  • Thought Leader Pages (Example: Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, etc.)

Any place where people are wanting to improve their lives, or are discussing topics related to your product or service.  Think about your target market. If it’s health and wellness or weight loss, get creative about finding places where people are hanging out.

Don’t go into groups where a bunch of network marketers are blasting the page.  You want to be in groups that are actively engaged, but have nothing to do with network marketing necessarily.

What to do once you’ve found the right “pond to swim in:”

Recruiting Through Social Media For Network Marketers – Tip #5 – How To Start The Conversation

  • You are going to post like and comment on those pages and in those groups.
  • You are going to make yourself known.
  • You are going to help people.

A few things to look for:

  • Questions that you can answer.
  • Things that you can provide insight to.
  • Discussions that you can chime in on and say something positive and encouraging.

When you engage in the conversation by either a post that you start, or joining other people’s conversations, you will see specific individuals who have a common opinion on a matter with you, or interest, and you kind of “hit it off.”

At that point, you have choices:

  • You can just leave it be and continue to develop the relationship, if the person is active on that group.
  • You can send them a private message and craft a prospecting message, when appropriate.

Here’s what I recommend:

If you have a good conversation going, and you are connecting, like-minded, and in agreement with each other, go right ahead and add them as a friend.

In this scenario, that person will usually accept your friend request.  Because you’ve taken the time to relate and connect with them and add value to the conversation that was already happening.  (So make sure you’ve got a good profile, because, at this point, they will be checking that out.)

Then, I might send them a private message to continue the conversation:

“Hey, it was great talking about (xyz topic). I checked out your profile real quick and I noticed you are in (xyz) industry. How long you been doing that?”

So now you are continuing conversation, just like you would face-to-face.

Remember FORM?

Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message.

Talk about their family, talk about their work, or what they like to do for fun.  Ask questions based on what you see on their profile, and you will see opportunities to ask if they are open to something new.   It’s the same as you would do offline!

Don’t be “that person” at the party…

Recruiting Through Social Media For Network Marketers – Tip #6 – Join The Party

Think of social media like a party. If you walk into a party and the room is full of people, what do you typically see?

In that room, there are small groups of people who are usually engaged in conversation amongst themselves. What do you do if you are social and what to meet new people?  Take the recruiting out of your head for a second and be a normal human being. If you want to meet new people and you want to be social, what do you do?

You are going to walk up into that group and you are going to smile, introduce yourself, and you are going to listen to the conversation and you are going to join in.

Facebook groups are just like a party. The small group conversation is in posts and comments. What’s cool about social media is that you don’t have to feel awkward about walking up to that circle.

Social media invites you, at any point, to engage in that conversation. To comment. To add your input.

However, in a social situation, sometimes if you just walk up to a random group and started talking into their conversation, they may wonder who the heck you are and it can be a little awkward.  You don’t have to worry about it on social media! It’s totally normal.

Be a normal human being. Engage in conversation, and as that conversation goes, you will meet certain people in that circle who connect with you and be friendlier than other people with you. You might find out some things in common, and you might hang out with them through the rest of the party.  At the end, you might tell them it was a pleasure meeting them and ask for an exchange of numbers to be able to get together at another time.

Swapping numbers. Add as Friend. Same thing.

I would never recruit right there at the party. What would I do?

I would go back home, call them up a day or two later and maybe ask to get some coffee later.   I’d let them know that I have a few things I would like bounce off them that might benefit both of us. (One of the million different prospecting approaches… Whatever’s most comfortable for you.)

When you take it to private message, it’s similar to taking it into a phone call.  It’s where you can get more specific in conversation and make your offer.


In conclusion, just remember a few simple ideas about recruiting on social media:

  1. Social media is real life.  Treat people accordingly.
  2. Make a good first impression by “dressing” your profile appropriately.
  3. Join the conversation that’s already happening.  Add value.
  4. Make a friend before you “add” a friend.

P.S.  IF this has helped you AND you’d like to learn how add 10-15 new prospects to your list every day on social media, this FREE training is a great next step.

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