How Long Does It Take To Succeed In Network Marketing?

A common question many people ask is, “How long will it take for me to achieve my goals in this business?”

Unfortunately, that question is an indicator of someone who might have some real challenges actually getting the job done, because they don’t understand what success (in anything) really takes.

To succeed in network marketing, just like success in anything else, takes time.

And how much time is something NO ONE can tell you.  It’s differs for every individual, depending on where they are when they got started.

These are just a few indicators…

  • How much social equity do you have with your circle of influence?
  • Have you ever built ANY kind of business before?
  • How’s your success mindset?
  • How much time are you able and willing to commit each day to your success?

Time is the great equalizer.  We all have the same amount of it.  And how we spend it determines our results.

But time is also an unavoidable part of the equation to succeed in network marketing.  You cannot outwork it.  You cannot out-invest it.  Most frustration and burnout for entrepreneurs results in thinking you can.

If you’re in this for real success, you’re in it for the long haul.  Accept it.

Check out the video below. 

The Secret to Network Marketing Success? There Isn't One.

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About the Author Jason

Jason is a 3rd generation network marketer and founder of Network Marketing Accelerator. He and his family are collaboratively responsible for generating a multiple 7-figure income in their network marketing businesses. A coach and mentor to hundreds of successful business owners across multiple verticals, Jason is also a co-founder of OuterBox Solutions, a premier eCommerce Web Design firm.