How to Use Video On Social Media without Losing Friends

How to Use Videos on Social Media without Losing Friends

In most cases personal branding and marketing can be a challenge, one of which you can wrack your brain over for hours and even days.

Recently I was fortunate to be a part of Ray and Jessica Higdon’s Personal Branding and Marketing Bootcamp.   It was killer event that helped clarify a few things for me about where the direction of personal branding and marketing is heading.

Adding Value

Recording a video for your business can be nerve wrecking because we sometimes focus so much on what others will see that we lose focus on the bigger picture which is providing added value to your clients and proving to the world that you are worth their time as well as their money.

Even though this isn’t just about money, in essence your aim is to increase revenue – I mean, isn’t that what we all want? To see your clients grow? To grow yourself.

Remember clients want expert advice and if you can prove to be the ‘go-to’ person for that advice then your client base will surely grow and so will your annual revenue. Word travels fast.

But where would you start?

There are simpler things to focus on when recording a video or if you’re at that stage where you want to go live then using the tips I am about to give you can majorly improve your client attraction.

Start by simply introducing yourself. You start with a question that’s going to help your target audience, the prospect that you want to attract, and you answer that question, and then you wrap it up with some kind of a call to action.

“Hey, if this helped you, pass this video along or if this helped you, comment back. Let me know. I’d be happy to help you out.”

That’s the standard formula, but if you’ve never done this kind of thing before and you’re talking to your personal social media profile, it might feel a little weird to just start out of the gate that way. Does that make sense to you? I mean, does anybody else feel that way? So, I know, I did when I first started here, and Jessica shared some really great simple way to kind of start launching your social media efforts through video.

The process

It’s a launch process.

It’s a series or a handful of videos that you’re doing, kind of setting the stage for where you’re going with your social Media. Okay, so it’s very, very simple. You shoot a video, and you can do this live or you can do it as a pre-recorded video that you upload later. Always remember if you are a newbie then – practice makes perfect. You don’t need to be a social butterfly in order to blow your audience away with your very first video – but it does help. Doing a couple of takes is OK, don’t feel pressured, take your time and just let the creativity flow.

Live video’s will get the reality is on Facebook and live video’s do tend to get more engagement. Here’s what you do though. You hop on there. You say, “Hi,” of course. You tell them what you want to do, about a struggle, or a challenge, or something you’re struggling with.

Don’t be nervous to say that you are nervous about doing this video, people enjoy honesty, when Jessica launched she spoke about how nervous she was and that she has a business and she knows she needs to do some things on video, and on social, to be able to help build her business.

Even though she was really nervous she announced that she was to run a campaign and shoot a couple of videos over the next seven days. She dubbed this her seven day challenge and invited her viewers to come along on this journey with her. She basically invited people to support her by announcing that this was in fact a struggle and that she could use all the support that people were willing to offer.

The Key

You’re not going to mention your product. You’re not going to mention your business. You’re not going to get into any of that. Because as soon as you do that, you’re going to turn people away.

You’re probably sitting there thinking, huh what? Isn’t this why we are doing this? And the answer is yes, this is exactly why we are doing this. It is an indirect campaign to get people to listen to what you have to say.

People see adverts all day, sometimes they just need something real that they can connect with. Maybe you’re on some kind of a weight loss challenge, or whatever the case is that you’re doing, or getting fit, or whatever the case is, you can invite people to that, and then start a video series about that journey, but you don’t want to wrap your video up right out of the gate with an, “Oh, yeah, by the way. Look at my product that I’m using.”  Try a more out of the box approach.

Be Real!

Creating a form of ‘warmth’ makes people feel comfortable watching your videos, so in essence they want to see your videos and listen to what you have to say.

Like I said before people hear and see adverts all day long, they don’t want to waste through another advertisement. So, what you’ll want to do is be transparent. People want to see you be vulnerable and that’s the hard thing, but you have to sometimes.

The more vulnerable you are, the more that you’re open, the more that you’re honest, and transparent, and authentic, the more people are going to connect to you. They’re going to relate to you and they’re going to want to support that. Is everybody going to identify with you? Probably not, but you’ll find out who does, and then you can engage with those people, and carry those conversations off line. Pick up the phone, reach out to them, develop those relationships, and then share those videos that you’re recording, share them elsewhere.

You can share them in groups, you can share them in things that are appropriate, but you’re not making a pitch of any kind. So, what this does, is it’s allowing you the opportunity to steer your social media profile in a less of a standard, junky social media deal. It makes you less of a cliché.

Start simple, be fresh (and innovative)

By starting simply by saying, “Hey, come along with me,” you’re sharing some things that you’re going through or things that you’re learning without a pitch, without a mention of your product, without a mention of your company, and see who starts to connect with you.

You can start sharing that content to build more of a following, and gradually over time, you’ll move into a more standard format. Where it’s an introduction, address a specific problem or issue that speaks to that audience that you’re building, and then maybe give them a call to action. A soft call to action, to reach out to you, to contact you, to click on a button, or just reply and I’ll give you some free tips on XYZ, this video we just talked about.

Once the picture is painted

Once you have painted a clear picture of who you are and that you’re not just a flimsy fly-by-night who just wants to smear off your product or service onto anyone who will listen, you can start adding a more vibrant approach and get clients/audience to interact with you.

A lean approach is to ask questions like, I hope that makes sense to you guys. If it does, here’s the call to action. This at least gives them the option to contact you, they feel like they freely have a choice.  You can even prompt them to share your content by saying things like if this does help you and makes some sense, pass this on if you would, please. Don’t be pushy, be courteous. Share it with your teams or your friends. You can add in that you would appreciate that and that you’re sure they would, too.

It’s not as scary as someone saying, “Do it now”. We make this a lot scarier than it needs to be and if we take that step back, if we take that step back from being a marketer, for just a minute, and start the process of just sharing value and sharing a journey.

Without a pitch, without a connection to an offer, or anything like that. It creates a smoother transition for your current audience that are just Facebook friends on your personal profile, so they’re not weirded out.

There’s no shock value there, and you’ll start to see, as you do this consistently. Then what you’re saying becomes more valid, and they’re more likely to be interested in what you have to offer later on.

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