The Motivating Power of Gratitude and How it Can Help You

After viewing the absolute beauty that Hawaii has to offer and being fortunate enough to stay in an awesome hotel, I must say you can’t help but be filled with gratitude.

Every single time we come to a place like this, first of all I want you to understand something. I feel fortunate to be here.

Have I done a lot of work? Yes. But have I been blessed by those who have gone before me? Absolutely!

See there’s been pioneers that blazed this industry that we call network marketing nowadays that came before us.

Those that came before us

There have been many people that have traveled here before me, the pioneers, the ones that have taught us so many.

My grandfather was one of them and each and every one of us today, everyone of you, every top earner that’s out there right now in this industry, in my opinion owes at least a little bit of a debt of gratitude to those pioneers. Not just my granddad but all of them. All the ones that blazed the trail that proved this model to actually work. To prove that it could be done. It proved that somebody from modest means could create an incredible lifestyle in a business of their own from starting on a shoestring. That’s what this whole thing was about.

The true meaning of the fulfillment through gratitude

There is so much to be grateful for and sometimes we tend to forget the little things in life that stare us right in the face. I mentioned before how pioneers before us have actually paved a little yellow brick road for us to follow, we just need to take the first steps.

Every time I come to Hawaii or a place like this, I’m filled with gratitude to those who came before me. To the opportunities that were placed in front of us. To the people like you who see it today and see this opportunity as something that they can do and embrace. And for their families that are going to get to enjoy things just like our family’s been able to enjoy things multi-generationally over time. To have the choice to then do your own thing. To have you choose to build your own business. To integrate that into a business.

The true essence of a Pioneer

There’s a feeling, an indescribable feeling that when I think of these things I start to tingle. I’m tingling when I think about this stuff because one choice that someone that came before made, made us different. If my granddad had made a different choice. If he chose not to believe in this. If he chose that, “Well maybe you know what, nobody’s ever done this before, I don’t know if I can do it.”

In his day you couldn’t point to all these success stories. It didn’t exist. They could have made a choice. Maybe where they came from or you come from, you don’t have anybody else that’s around you in your family or your circle of friends who have ever made the right choices to become successful and you’re making those choices today. You’re maybe feeling a little bit alone. Feeling a little bit of an outsider.

You’re not alone, you’re not an outsider

The reality is that’s part of the deal. You get to be the first. You get to be the one that creates the legacy.

I’m super, super grateful every time we get to do something like this. Every time we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors if we will and the fruits of our forefathers as well as our own. The fact is that gratitude compels me, motivates me to do more. What you have to understand is, if you really are grateful, if you really understand why you are where you are and it’s not all just about you, it’s not just all about me, when you have true gratitude.

When you have true gratitude, the prize, the goal is getting to experience that isn’t a finish. That is a motivation to do more. By the time I get here and start to relax just a little bit, I’m ready to go home and go back to work.

Be ready

I’m ready to share more, do more and create more. I hope you have that same feeling. I hope that when your business starts to grow and you start to experience those rewards that starts to happen, which they will happen, you have to choose to believe, be the one that’s going to continue to move. The one that’s going to stay focused. The one that’s going to do your five activities every single day.

Stay consistent. When you’re not living this. When you’re not seeing this or you’ll never get it, but when you get here I hope that you’ll take that time and you’ll understand gratitude. It’ll motivate you to do even more. I think any really truly successful person who’s really built something has that attitude. The only people I know that have an attitude of ingratitude are people who just had it all handed to them and never really understood where it came from.

There’s not very many of those people really in the world.

Born wealthy or worked for it?

A lot of people think that there’s a lot of wealthy people or they come from money or whatever but the fact is, over 95% of millionaires in America is are first generation or built it themselves. What I’m saying in one way form or another. Anyhow, I hope this motivates you a little bit today. It fires you up a little bit today. I’ll give you some more tactics and stuff as time goes on but more than likely this week while I’m here in Hawaii, I’m going to be big picture stuff to broaden your mindset because that’s where my head is when I’m here. I’m not worried about strategies and tactics when I’m here. When I’m here, when I’m at places like this, is where mindset happens.

Where I get an opportunity to step outside and think of the bigger picture. Where are we going? What’s the bigger vision? What’s the next step?

Hopefully, I’ll share some stuff with you guys that’ll help you overcome your fears, help you stay focused on what your potential is and where you’re actually going and expand your vision.

Hope this helped you and if it did, keep following because I’m going to be doing more of these. If you want to follow my personal profile feel free to do so.

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