Why Your Struggle is Totally Normal

Why Your Struggle Is Totally Normal Part 1

There are many lessons that can be taken from every struggle, whether it be mental or physical.

I recently did a ‘Go Ruck’ challenge with little or no training, it’s basically a military style endurance training with a backpack on full of weight.

It was led by the Special Forces and you get to be around like minded people that want to challenge themselves.

There was a real community vibe with over 90 participants in total and I built some great relationships during the hike.

Ever heard the saying ‘Failure to prepare, prepare to fail’ in many cases this is true, however I had done little training which would have prepared me for this event. Yes, I walk often and even carry a backpack, but I do not carry up to 50lbs and go at this pace either.

As I looked around me I could see others barely breaking a sweat and not needing to take a break often. Then I realised, I cannot compare myself to them, it would be wrong to turn up with little preparation and be able to be as good as the people that have been doing it a lot longer.

Comparison is the thief of joy

We should not compare ourselves to others for the pure reason that we do not know where they are in their journey and what struggles they have already endured.

It’s the same in business, you may see big names in our Industry and compare yourself, however you are doing yourself a disservice as these have been at it for years now and have made the mistakes to learn from.

There are no such things as mistakes, only lessons

The good thing about having people you admire is to learn from their mistakes. I will tell you it was a mistake to turn up unprepared for this event, however I have the work ethic to back it up.

I don’t give up, ever!

If you stop it is hard to get going again

I didn’t once put down my rucksack and that is why I was able to keep going. By taking a minute and resting rather than stopping altogether I was able to keep going. Even if I was slower than others. The fact that I am showing up and doing the work here is key.

I spoke to a couple of the Special Forces guys and asked them ‘So when does it get easier?’ I was shocked by his reply.


It never gets easier you just get used to it

Think about it when you do something in your business which you are not looking forward to. Let’s say going live on Facebook for an example. The act doesn’t change at all, it has the same process each time you hit that broadcast button. The difference is with consistent practice you get used to it. *Mind Blown

Take away lessons from the video:

  • We all have our struggles and they are not to be compared with others’
  • The struggles you have are 100% normal and you will get used to it
  • You can do anything if you have the right attitude
  • There is a lesson in every activity and this one had a few
  • Consistent effort no matter how small will get you to where you need to be
  • Never give up – ever!

If you are struggling right now in your business, check out the video below and I will give you some advice on how to deal with it.

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